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Politicians Say No to Taxpayer Funded Campaigns

Glenn Choolokian

Candace Corsaro

Russell Vesci

Niagara Falls Council Chairman Glenn Choolokian: I think it is awful. When I ran I did grassroots, door to door. I went to 10,000 houses. I think that is what America is all about: hard work. Taxpayers shouldn't be paying for anybody's campaigns.

"It is a dangerous way to go," said Candace Corsaro, a community activist, realtor, and candidate for county legislator. "If we have to depend on the taxpayers to fund our campaign, we shouldn't even be running. You should not be a candidate in any race if you need the taxpayers' money."

Russell Vesci is running for Niagara Falls City Council. The former Karate champion, professional musician and water board employee said, "Taxpayers pay too many things as it is. It is my responsibility to raise my own funds and do the work myself. Why would I want taxpayers, who may not agree with my views and positions - to be forced - and that's a powerful word - forced- to support me. That is not what free government is about. That is not what our country is based on. Taxation is force. There is enough taxation.

"I will earn my own money and raise money for my campaign from those who support my ideals. To forcibly tax people to fund candidates who have views and opinions that are contrary to their beliefs robs the whole idea of a free election. To me that is robbery."



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May 14, 2013