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Steed Seeks Second Term in Legislature

Owen Steed, Sr.More work to do

Owen T. Steed Sr. is running for a second term as the lawmaker representing the 4th District in the Niagara County Legislature. The district is entirely within the City of Niagara Falls.

Steed was first elected to the legislature in 2011.

“My first term has taught me how important it is to change the direction and priorities in county government,” he told the Reporter,  “and do much more to help people, especially with economic development and jobs. We also need to focus more resources to provide for human needs as the people in my district and across Niagara County continue to face high unemployment and suffering due to economic hardship.”

The Democratic lawmaker works part-time as a community liaison with the Niagara Falls Police Department.

“Fighting crime remains a top priority and I have worked to gain grants for crime prevention programs in the City of Niagara Falls. It is vital that people are safe in their homes and neighborhoods,” Steed said.

Steed serves on the Community Services, Greenway and Refuse Disposal Committees in the legislature.  He has used his assignments to fight the NFTA’s efforts to cut bus routes and fought the Office of the Aging’s attempt to close the St. John Senior Lunch Program.

He’s been an advocate for tenants’ rights and voted against a proposed county law requiring welfare tenants to use the rent allotment portion of their welfare stipends for rent.

He has organized job fairs intended to help people get employment.

“We must understand how important employment is in keeping our streets safe,” Steed said. “We have to do much more than giving tax breaks to businesses. We need to help train people and look for those opportunities that will create jobs for local people, not just quick giveaways to outside interests.”

Steed lives on 15th Street with his son and is a lifelong resident of Niagara Falls. He is a member of the Niagara Falls Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners and a former member of the Highland Community Revitalization Committee (HCRC).

Steed received the Kalfas Magnet School Parent of the Year, the Single Parent Father of the Year, the Real Fathers Real Men, the Focus on the Family Parent of the Year, Sisterhood Inc. Dream Keepers, the Planned Parenthood Integrity Award, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Achievement Award, and the Niagara Falls Housing Authority Emerging Leader Award.

“We must put our children and those in need first,” Steed insists. “I see the Niagara County Legislature as a vehicle to do much good for them. We must end the ham-handed rule of one party. We must stop a political regime that does much for the few while ignoring the interests of the many.”

Steed will likely face Republican Candace Corsaro, a community activist and businesswoman, in the general election.



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May 07, 2013