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Cuomo’s Left Turn More Political Than Ethical?

By James Hufnagel

Gov. Cuomo signs his SAFE Act gun control legislation. He says he wants to make us all safe even if he has to take our freedom away to do it. But is it our safety or his job security that has prompted his hard turn to the left?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's State of the State speech in January was as interesting for what he said as it was for what he didn't say.

Cuomo's annual address was widely perceived as signaling a sharp turn to the left, as he championed gun control, a substantial increase in the minimum wage, and enhanced abortion rights. These stock liberal issues were largely ignored by the governor during his first two years as he focused on "bipartisan cooperation" with the Republican Senate majority.

Widespread and exhaustive coverage and subsequent analysis of the speech by the print, radio and TV media was evident, and understandable since Cuomo is regarded by some as one of the frontrunners for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016.

In fact, there are some who characterize Cuomo's performance thus far as a mere dress rehearsal for higher office.

Lacking from all of the media coverage, which was generated by career political writers who depend for their daily bread on their ongoing contacts and relationships with the governor and his people, was what I would call the "reveal" of the underlying reason why the governor has changed course ideologically.

It has very little to do with a 2016 presidential run and everything to do with Cuomo getting re-elected governor in 2014. The most likely obstacle to Cuomo's lifelong quest and career trajectory to the White House would be to lose re-election as governor first.

Riding high in the polls, the only way that an incumbent Gov. Cuomo could be defeated would be for a third party challenger, carrying the banners of the anti-fracking, pro-education and pro-women causes, to triangulate the general election vote, throwing the contest to an upstate moderate Republican.



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Mar05 , 2013