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Boost Your Credit Score, Get a Car to Boot!

By Moose, Jr.

EZ Auto can help you increase your credit score. It is one of the few “buy here, pay here” companies that report your timely payments to the credit bureau.

A growing problem for many consumers in the current economy is access to credit.

Consumers with low credit scores and/or no credit history are finding out that many lending institutions are unwilling to work with them and, in some instances, have shut their doors to them altogether.

Generating a series of on-time payments that get reflected on a consumer’s credit report creates a good credit score.

If a person fails to make regular and timely payments, then their credit score will suffer and they will be viewed as a higher risk by creditors. Consumers in this position may find that their access to credit becomes more expensive as interest rates increase, thereby making it more costly to finance big-ticket items like automobiles and houses.

A good way to establish a high credit score if you don’t have credit to begin with (or repair your damaged credit history) is to establish an installment line of credit with a company that reports to the credit agencies, and make all of your payments on time.

Enter E-Z Loan Auto Sales at 9635 Niagara Falls Blvd in Niagara Falls (see their ad on the back page). This company is one of the few "buy here, pay here" used car dealerships that report payments to credit reporting agencies and will improve your credit score.

Just by buying a previously-owned auto and making your payments on time for only a few years, a consumer can raise his/her credit score as much as a couple hundred points, and overcome the bruised or no credit problems.

The underwriters at E-Z Loan Auto Sales require only six months employment or provable lifetime incomes. The credit score is a factor, but the underwriters work with people to try to overcome bad or no credit applications and are willing to work with almost all credit situations. The down payments can be less than $1,000 and, if you have a tax return coming, a "drive now, pay later" option is available in some cases.

Most vehicles are covered by a two-year warranty covering power trains, transmissions, and other major expenses along with a six month extension of the New York State limited warranty only required for one month by all other auto dealers. The payments are bi-weekly (every two weeks) and you can be approved in less than one hour. The payment can be paid in person, by phone or by automatic deduction.

No trade-in will be refused as long as you can bring, drive, or tow it in.

So if you need a dependable car and you also want to improve your credit history, you can kill two birds with one stone at E-Z Loan Auto Sales. Stop in and talk to Aaron Schreiber to see how.

Boost your credit the E-Z way!

Next thing you know, you will qualify for a home mortgage and then who knows?



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Mar05 , 2013