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Justin Tyme Better Than Ever

By Moose, Jr.

Although comfort food and down home cooking are the hallmarks of Justin Tyme's restaurant, don't discount the gourmet style offerings.
Nobody goes away hungry at Justin Tyme Cafe.
Comfortable, relaxed, no pretensions. A body goes to Justin Tyme Cafe because they are hungry and want good, no, great food at super prices in a comfortable, friendly setting. Chances are you will meet your friends there. It is the kind of place that tourists seek out because the locals go there.
Our old friend, Jeff Taylor, is back!
If there was only one more chance  for me to have roast beef on weck in this lifetime, I would go straight to Justin Tyme. It was indescribable.

Jeff Taylor’s life has been devoted to food service. He even knew in high school that he wanted to go to college to get his degree learning how to do just that.

In 1994, after graduating with a food service degree from Niagara County Community College, Jeff became the operator of a catering business named Falcon Club Food Service and held that position until December, 2001.
But Jeff knew that operating a catering business would not satisfy his ambitions. He wanted to run a full service restaurant in addition to his catering business and made the decision in 2002 to open Justin Tyme Café and Catering on 62nd Street and Buffalo Ave. With his old fashioned work ethic, good service and great tasting food, Jeff’s business grew and he soon realized that his location was too small. He knew he needed a larger venue to expand if he was going to be able to properly service his ever-increasing clientele.

In 2006, Jeff Taylor purchased and remodeled an old night club at 7611 Buffalo Ave. and Justin Tyme on the River was born. He quickly turned that location into a successful family restaurant and doubled his business almost overnight.

But success has its drawbacks and operating a large popular family restaurant required considerable effort from Jeff, and he was wearing down both physically and mentally. He decided to simplify and sell his restaurant to work as an employee for the Seneca Niagara Casino in their Food and Beverage department in June 2012. Jeff sold Justin Tyme on the River to John Jourdain and Jeff became an employee for the Senecas.

Meantime, although the casino job treated Jeff well, after eighteen years as a sole proprietor, he realized being an employee was not as satisfying as being the head man in charge. Jeff missed being his own boss, and his longtime customers and loyal staff missed him ever more.

This prompted him to leave the casino and open up a new Justin Tyme.

Jeff took over the former Joe’s Hideaway (Also formerly Cicero’s place and Dillars Green Lantern) and reopened Justin Tyme Café and Catering at the new location.
Happily, the new location was pretty much a turnkey operation, and with the help of his father Jack Taylor (a retired electrician and handyman), a little elbow grease, paint, and some improvements to the décor, Justin Tyme Café and Catering reopened on December 5th, 2012 and is back in business.

Jeff scaled the new Justin Tyme restaurant down a bit in size, but still uses a similar menu, and the same great recipes and service that made him famous as Justin Tyme on the River.

He continues to serve his award winning roast beef on weck, fish fry’s on Friday (Wednesday too, during lent), homemade soups, wraps, his a half-pound burger of the day, and daily specials which include meatloaf dinner, pot roast, spaghetti and meatballs and much more!
Comfort food at its best.

And great prices too.

Indeed Justin Tyme deserves mention in the annals of restaurants in the true American tradition. It is as good as it gets. Good, healthy, honest, tasty fare and reasonable prices.

The way we Americans want to eat when we dine out with ease and comfort.

The Justin Tyme Café opens at 11:00 am weekdays (except Tuesday) for lunch and dinner and at 8:00 am on weekends for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have a private dining room that can accommodate up to forty for banquets, business meetings, church groups and more. Justin Tyme also caters functions from 30 to 130 people and will bring a choice of two delicious and tenderly cooked  meats, three sides, all condiments, paper ware and utensils for an almost unbelievable $8.95 per person for your special event.

I showed up for lunch with two friends and trust me, we were not disappointed.
I had a crock of Jeff’s homemade chili and his award winning roast beef on weck. The chili was loaded with extra goodies and perfectly spiced. The roast beef was so tender and thinly sliced it melt in my mouth. And happily the kimmelweck roll was fresh and perfectly salted.  No wonder it won an award!

My one friend had a crock of French Onion soup (loaded with cheese) and a lunch sized (not small at all) fish fry with fresh-cut french fries and delicious homemade coleslaw. He said that the fish was fresh and the sides tasty. My other friend chose the Chicken Daytona dinner which included a full boneless chicken breast (two filets) with a topping of Monterey jack cheese, a sweet honey mustard sauce and crispy, thick slices of bacon. He chose a piping hot cup of creamy Tomato Florentine soup with the meal. He confided to me that the chicken was among the best he’s had and would not hesitate to order it again.

When  the weather gets warmer, Jeff will open up his patio deck for a nice outdoor summer lunch or dinner.

Yes, it is true, Niagara Falls, that an old friend is back in business!



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Mar19 , 2013