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Is it acceptable to wear pajamas in public?
Wearing pajamas in public is a
darn sight better than this...

Is Wearing Pajamas in Public Cool?

I've noticed some social behaviors that I'm curious about. One is the wearing of "pajama bottoms" in public. As to protocol, does one take a shower and put on clean ones before going out, or lay around in them for a few days along with their underwear, while going about one's daily business? Are these a new fashion? Kind of like a generic Zubaz style pant?

The other is that I've been seeing people out in 20 to 30-degree weather wearing nothing but a T-Shirt and shorts. I read somewhere that this is supposed to give you energy, but judging from their flabby physiques, they can't possibly be athletes.

The question is, then, is this behavior cool and hip, or just more cases of "monkey see, monkey do"?

With so many people out of work, perhaps they could hire some of these people with the pajamas as "Greeters" for the city.

Susan Quarantiello

Niagara Falls, NY

State Broke Gaming Compact

I get very upset every time I hear about our casino in Niagara Falls. Our legislators turned down gambling over 10 years ago. Now everyone sees how well this casino is doing and from the governor on down they are jealous. Niagara Falls was getting plenty of money from the casino. Governor Cuomo stopped the casino from paying by breaking the treaty, that ex-Governor Pataki had made with the Native Americans.

We have had this lottery with the State of NY for over 50 years. The only thing the tax payers received out of it was the Star program from ex-Governor Pataki. If the State wants more casinos, work with the people who know how to run them, like the Native Americans.

I still say it: the State of NY ran that casino downtown it would have been out of business years ago from greed. It's a shame a city so great cannot wake up. At least the airport is doing well. Keep the politicians away.

Joseph Pullano

Niagara Falls

Something Stinks in Falls

You know those government officials who've been running the city into the toilet ever since that fool E. Dent Lackey thought it was a good idea to bulldoze our beautiful downtown into the dirt to build that cheap, useless Convention Center?

NOTE: (Casinos, pocket parks, REALLY? That's what our leaders consider community development ?)

Something stinks in Niagara Falls and I'm about to flush the toilet.

How else does one explain the miserable condition of a city set next to one of the eight Natural Wonders of the World? I know it's out there… incompetence, favoritism, corruption, kickbacks, insurance fraud, waste, abuse of power, money laundering, for-profit incarceration, theft of local government revenue and resources. All it would take is a few brave Concerned Citizens or a journalist who actually investigates to find who's doing what or follow the money…

NOTE: (isn't it funny how the wealthy, well-connected and their children are never prosecuted)

In general I think it's a very bad idea for a poor city/county to turn law enforcement into an income generating scheme and average citizens into a commodity to be exploited.

Frank Esposito

Glynn Boats Inferior to Hornblower

You have got to be kidding me!!! How much is it ACTUALLY going to cost to build the new dock/storage for the Maid of the Mist? Who's going to be footing the bill? Talk about building a white elephant! And after all is said and done, does anyone really believe that tourists will want to take a ride on one of Glynn's old boats after seeing Hornblower's new boats (with seating & bathrooms) leaving from the Canadian side? I seriously doubt it. I rode the Maid of the Mist once and swore I would never get onto one of their boats again! I've also been on Hornblower's boats in NYC. It's like comparing a chuck roast to a filet! I for one am sick and tired of the corporate welfare the state is handing to the Maid of the Mist. Put your big boy pants on Gov. Como and do the right thing!

Judy Harfield

Niagara Falls

Kudos to councilmen Sam Fruscione, Robert Anderson and Glen Cholookian for their decision to pull the 30k from the N.A.C.C.

It is way beyond the time that the N.A.C.C. stand on its own. Anyone who knows me knows I love music and the arts but I am against funding a building that took a ton of revenue from us right at the time we were losing something precious to us. In 10 years the N.A.C.C. has been given $879,000!

At the emotionally charged meetings with the people from LaSalle and the people who wanted to save the old Niagara Falls high, it was plain to see that the N.A.C.C. had nowhere near the funds to pay for the building, its repair or it's up keep.

Remember Benderson was going to buy the building for over $600,000, put that money in our education system, and demolish it for free (cost was $2.4 million) and then build a "taxpaying" plaza on that property? LaSalle was being torn down during this time despite the over $11 million put into it, the new tennis courts (remember those!) the new light system for the football field etc…

The powers that be along with former Mayor Irene Elia persisted and won the fight to keep their building. Many LaSalle residents were shocked and angered by this turn of events. We now have no tennis courts, no track, and we lost our Y.M.C.A. Where are LaSalle's places for fun? Some moved away due to this decision. The N.A.C.C. supporters were told time and time again that they could not financially support this, but they went ahead anyway.

I was not surprised to hear their plea again but I cannot sit by and listen to the negative statements laid upon the councilmen who said "enough is enough!" We are in desperate need in this city and money is scarce. Councilmen...thank you for your service and doing what's right for all, not for one particular group.

Gerry Del Zoppo

NACC attack

Mike Hudson, you're a real writer and an artist with the power of words to get your point across. Yes, your words are artful words and many times they fall on deaf ears because the uneducated can't read. But I sure enjoy your editorials! It takes a real artist to recognize that truth in the art world! It's wrong for any taxpayer to pay for something they don't feel is fair or worth promoting! And as I see it, in the Art/Cultural Centers many of those who say and don't promote the arts don't promote anything but their own place of business! It's where the rich seek to take from the taxpayers! The NACC doesn't promote art! Not really. They promote their own pockets to be filled with taxpayer's hard earned money! Not the artist! I have seen it! I have dealt with their inability to help artists!

I for once agree with a Newspaper writer! Do NOT Give moneys to the Cultural Art Centers to promote garbage as art!

Susana Lazarou



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Mar19 , 2013