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Instead of Targeting Residency Violator, Board Targets Whistleblower

By Frank Parlato

Janese likes living in Niagara Falls so much he is able to forgo all the luxuries just to be here including a bed, a refrigerator, a stove and water.
John Ottaviano has worked assiduously to maintain the fiction that a man can legally live in Niagara Falls if he has paperwork that says he does, even if he doesn't physically live there.

The drama related to the alleged residency violation of Water Board Chairman Ted Janese is taking a toll on the credibility of the board.

That everyone knows.

Compounding that problem is the fact that Executive Director Paul Drof and Board Counsel John Ottaviano are now widely seen as duplicitously assisting in Janese's false claim that he resides in Niagara Falls.

The facts clearly show he resides in Lewiston.

The problem for Janese is this: He was appointed to serve on the board - by law- as a resident of Niagara Falls. The law calls for his resignation or removal from the board if he violates the residency requirement. The law states that the majority of board members must live in Niagara Falls and that is only fair since, after all, this is the Niagara Falls Water Board.

Janese, however, has been in violation of the residency rule for months Yet he continues to sit on the board, guiding Niagara Falls Water Board policy.

For the past year, Janese has worked hard to make it look like he lives in his former residence on Point Avenue in the LaSalle neighborhood of Niagara Falls, showing voting records and other documents.

But the fact remains, that he moved out and lives in Lewiston with his wife and children. The Niagara Falls Reporter has documented Janese's residency sham in a number of stories that included publishing pictures of the interior of Janese's Niagara Falls "residence" that showed it was barren of furniture, not even a bed or an article of clothing, not an item of food or even toilet paper, was found there after a tour of the vacant property was afforded by virtue of the fact that the house is listed for sale with a local realtor and available for inspection.

The Reporter also published a copy of his water bill which shows that he has had no water usage in months at his so-called "residence."

If you ever wondered why the Water Board was made separate from the city,
the answer may lie in the ability to laden it with high paying patronage
And if you ever wondered why your water bill is so high, the answer may
just lie in the same general direction as above:
Executive Director Paul Drof -$102,492
Director of Financial Services Mary Jean Buddenhagen-$85,000
Director of Infrastructure Operations Mike Kessler-$85,000
Director of Tech. and Reg. Services Rick Roll-$90,000
Director of Administrative Services Roger Lance-$70,000
All these directors live outside the city of Niagara Falls.

Despite this, nothing has been done by either Drof or Ottaviano.
In fact, it looks like a well-orchestrated cover-up is taking place.

has worked to prove her case officially against Janese, even offering to produce eye witnesses to the fact that he lives in Lewiston.

The reaction from Drof and cohorts was to attempt to remove Kimble from the board. That failed, but they did unseat her as board vice chair.

The latest twist in the already twisted story is that Drof and Ottaviano are – according to sources close to the situation – going to hire a private investigator to hunt down the Water Board employee who may have released the Janese water bill that wound up in our possession.

That's right. Drof and Ottaviano are not going to hire an investigator to look into whether Janese is violating his board membership residency requirement. They are going to try to hunt down the person or persons who provided Janese's water bill that proves he does not live at the house he swears he lives in.

This isn't the first time Drof and company saw the need to go to a private investigator to uncover the identity of a whistleblower. Last year, after the Reporter published photographs of illegal frack waste water at the laboratory of the Water Board treatment plant, Drof hired lawyers and a private investigator to try to track down the whistleblower who took and sent the photos to city officials and this publication.

They were unsuccessful to date, despite spending thousands of dollars in the attempt.

While Drof might have chosen to investigate why illegal frack water was at the city facility in violation of the city ordinance against accepting, treating or transporting frack water, he chose instead to hire a private detective in consultation with a law firm to track down the whistleblower who submitted the proof.

The cover-up of a board member's fraudulent residency, violation of federal law by harassing whistleblowers, breaking the city law banning the treatment or handling of frack wastewater and a general disregard for the residents of Niagara Falls have made the Water Board a suspicious den of conflicting agendas.

The out of town directors and out of town board members are pitted against the residents and water users of the city.

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Bilocation or being in two places at the same time?

Is it possible that Ted Janese has ascended to the exalted state where he can practice bilocation at will, and is living in two places at one time: Lewiston and Niagara Falls?

Swami Pranabananda appeared to be an ordinary man, but it was written that he could materialize an extra body and work through it through the secret powers known to the mystic "Raja" yogis.

To one amazed person who claimed he witnessed it, the Swami was quoted as saying, with a quizzical smile. "Why are you stupefied at all this? The subtle unity of the phenomenal world is not hidden from true yogis. "I instantly see and converse with my disciples in distant Calcutta.

"They can similarly transcend at will every obstacle of gross matter."

Credible witnesses on a number of occasions attested to the fact that St. Alphonsus Mary De Liguori (d. 1787) was seen at two different locations at the same time, once being seen in the pulpit preaching a sermon and at the same time being in the confessional.

And St. Drogo, the patron saint of Coffee, is also known widely for bilocation, and was the possible inspiration of the well known expression "(Not being St. Drogo) I cannot be in two places at the same time."



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Mar19 , 2013