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Crepuscular Hike?

The handsome and adorable Vampire Bat is a crepuscular mammal
The Tasmanian Tiger is also a crepuscular animal.

Crepuscular, as readers undoubtedly know, is a name for animals that are active mostly at twilight. They do their hunting or feeding and get their exercise at dawn and at dusk or one or the other.

Some of our favorite animals such as bats, hamsters, rabbits, rats, ocelots, deer, skunks, bobcats, Nighthawk, Chimney Swift, American Woodcock, and Spotted Crake, along with moths, beetles, flies, and other insects are crepuscular.

Dogs and cats are too, it is said, and so was, before they left us, the now extinct Tasmanian tiger.

The Buffalo Audubon Society will be hosting a Crepuscular Hike on Friday, March 29 at 6:00 pm at their North Tonawanda Preserve (Klydel Wetlands) located on Raymond Street in North Tonawanda. Take a hike through the preserve to see what animals are active during twilight hours. Many animals take advantage of these hours to feed because they know that predators are less likely to be active during these hours. Donations accepted. For more information call Buffalo Audubon at 585-457-3228.

The Buffalo Audubon Society is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization that promotes appreciation and enjoyment of the natural world through education and stewardship.



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Mar19 , 2013