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More Than Just T-Shirts At New Falls Store


Park Avenue Imprints is located at 642 Hyde Park Blvd.
Cups, mugs and clocks are amongst the thousands of products available for your logo and promotional
Anything you want printed, on almost any kind of apparel.

Last November, in what might be termed "exciting growth" in Niagara Falls, Park Avenue Imprints opened a store at 642 Hyde Park Blvd. near the corner of Pine Ave. It is their second store and it took them 23 years to get here.

But, for Niagara County and the north towns of Erie County, it is a fine addition to the array of products and services offered here.

It was back in 1990, when Jim and Paul Roorda opened their first store on Ridge Road in Lackawanna. Soon, Park Avenue Imprints became the best one-stop shop in Western New York for every kind of custom-imprinted and embroidered product.

T-shirts, polos, hoodies, corporate apparel, jackets, knit caps, baseball hats, duffel bags, aprons, pens, mugs, key chains, bumper stickers, can koozies and high-tech performance products were available.

You want your name on it, or anything else, they did it, with top-notch screen printing and embroidery.

But they did not stop there.

The company, with what might almost be described as zealotry, assembled more than 500,000 different promotional products to help those who wish to get their name out to the public on almost any product you can imagine.

Corporations, sports teams, schools, church groups, civic organizations, restaurants, cell phone companies, musicians and bands, and even bikers came.

Always expanding their services, Park Avenue Imprints soon learned that while someone might know what they want to promote, they might not know precisely how to do it. Park Avenue Imprints hired design and marketing experts to help their customers find and create products that would be striking or subdued, attractive or funny, just as the customer wished.

Musical bands were big customers, attracted by the pricing and the opportunity to make extra money from their fans by offering unique branded products to sell at concerts. At Park Avenue Imprints, they do not simply hand over a catalogue, but offer free consultation, then work with customers through the design phase and final production. They even design logos.

Unlike some companies, Park Avenue Imprints embroiders high-end apparel such as Nike, Northend, Adidas, Champion, Carhardt, Van Huesen and Eddie Bauer. They design websites, presentation folders, personalized trophies, special promotions, vinyl window graphics and business cards.

And they do it fast. Everything can be done in a 10-day turnaround or less. Check out their front window at their Hyde Park location to see the quality and the astounding variety of ways you can promote yourself or your business.

And if you cannot stop by, the company even makes house calls.

A specialist will come to your home or business, or if you prefer, you can do the entire transaction by email.

Or you might give Mike Kilmer a call at 716-345-5160 or email him at mike@parkavenueimprints.com to find out more.

As Mike is fond of saying, "If you can think it or dream it; we can do it."



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Mar12 , 2013