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Anthony "Tony" Paretto Announces Run for School Board

By James Hufnagel

Niagara Falls City Electrician Anthony "Tony" Paretto has joined the list of a growing field of candidates who will be seeking one of two seats on the Niagara Falls City School Board in the 2013 election.

Election Day for the School Board will be Tuesday, May 21st.

Paretto has worked as a union electrician for over twenty years and is currently a city electrician. He resides in LaSalle with his wife, Sue, and his three children, Kaitlyn, Michael, and Anthony Jr. Paretto is also a volunteer coach for the Niagara Falls High School Football team and the Niagara Falls Junior Football Club.

According to a press release announcing his candidacy, Paretto, who is expected to have the support of the Niagara County Democratic Committee, led by County Chairman Nick Forster, said he hopes to bring his knowledge of contracting and infrastructure improvement to the school board, as the district embarks on a $68 million capital improvement project

"I have three kids of my own in the school district, and I'm in this race for one basic reason: to be a fresh voice for the children and families of Niagara Falls," Paretto said. "My number one goal is to make sure our teachers have all the tools needed to educate our children to the highest possible standards."



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Mar12 , 2013