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Fruscione: 'You Can Act Like a Man'

Sam Fruscione

When questioned if he would consider supporting the use of public money for a blues festival, Fruscione said, "No, I'm not going to go for this. First, I want to make sure every street is paved and well lit, every broken sidewalk or dead tree is fixed or removed, every decrepit house in Niagara Falls is demolished and every street is safe. Then I want a substantial amount of money saved for the future. Until this is done, funding concerts is not part of the plan. Public money is not for one small group of people.

"Until these thing are done, I say to these groups who are looking for handouts, 'Stand tall like a man.' It's time for you to take care of your own business. You want to have a concert, pay for it yourself. Anybody can do it, if you have the ambition."



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JUN 25, 2013