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Dicker Says Gov. and Top Aide, Vlasto, Are Not Exactly Honest

New York Post state editor Fred Dicker, probably Albany's most distinguished journalist, referred to Josh Vlasto, a top aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo, as an "increasingly notorious spokesman" who is "considered untrustworthy by many reporters."

Dicker also said he thinks the governor is, to be blunt, dishonest. Cuomo was a regular guest on Dicker's weekday radio show and Dicker was going to write Cuomo's authorized biography, a deal which seems to have been canceled.

Once Cuomo became a New York City- pandering, certified, bedwetting, nanny-state liberal this year, advocating for draconian and impractical gun control measures, more protections for abortion rights and refusing to make a ruling on hydrofracking, Dicker's columns became increasingly unflattering and Cuomo stopped appearing on Dicker's radio show.

In April, Dicker questioned Cuomo's trustworthiness

"Sadly, the governor's office has not exactly earned a high level of appreciation for veracity for telling the truth," Dicker said on his show. "And I think some journalists have felt that for a long time. I may have been a little late in coming, but I've come to recognize that too, sadly."



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JUN 25, 2013