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Kislack Will Run for Wheatfield Council Says Current Board Self-Serving


Michael Kislack has announced his candidacy for councilman in the Town of Wheatfield.  Born and raised in Wheatfield, Kislack, 44, said he is running to "restore responsiveness to Town Hall and put an end to the constant loss of services and the ever spiraling tax increases that have plagued Wheatfield families, and has been the hallmark of the past 4 years under this Town Board."

Kislack is district manager of LKQ Corporation, a 24 year member of St. Johnsburg Volunteer Fire Company, past president of the Niagara County Volunteer Firemen's Association, past trustee of the WNY Volunteer Firemen's Association and past president of the Wheatfield Business Association.  Kislack is married to Lisa and they have 3 children and 1 grandchild.

Kislack said:  “It has become obvious in the past few years that this Town Board  seems to be more interested in providing jobs for friends and family members, at our expense, and doing nothing to reduce or eliminate the new highway taxes, or return so many of the services that the people of Wheatfield deserve and require.

"We need to reduce the ever-increasing water rates, return our Youth Center to our Wheatfield children, at minimal or no cost, after all, we already own it;  We need to return animal control to our Wheatfield families, and stop politicizing  and cutting library funding and other quality of life programs that make Wheatfield what it was.

"We already live in the highest taxed county, and pay the highest energy costs, wouldn't it be nice if we could work together to provide the needed services to our Wheatfield families, and reduce taxes whenever possible? 

“That’s what our elected officials should be doing, but instead, they have opted to give themselves and their own families and friend's all the jobs and the benefits, while we, the residents, get to pay the tab.  I think we've had enough of that in Wheatfield these past 4 years!"



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JUN 18, 2013