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Three Sisters Made Ugly By State Makeover

By Frank Parlato

The work is complete at Three Sisters Islands in the Niagara Falls State Park.

And it is awful.

Aside from the grotesque-looking granite stones that are placed everywhere, what was once a pure nature walk with stunning glimpses through the wilderness to the river has become a suburban landscape amid the rushing Niagara.

Very sad indeed.

Ceretto worked for state parks from 2002 until 2010 when he was elected to the New York State Assembly.

He said, "I have mixed emotions. There are some improvements. But it has the suburban look rather than the natural setting look it once had. It used to have a frontier look."

"It has a manmade look," added his chief of staff, Bill Angus.

Once, it seems, at least for Ceretto, it had a God-made look and feel to it.

Before the changes to Three Sisters Islands "when I worked for the state parks," Ceretto said, "the place was so pristine that I would walk along it and I'd just say prayers sometimes because the natural beauty would connect with my spirit."

There are glacial rocks they covered with soil and others that are, for the first time, fenced off from man.

Once we could step upon them and let our feet connect with ancient earth.

They blocked off old foot paths through the islands and fenced off much of the free access to the islands.

I noted for the first time ever, a ranger watching the islands so that not even for a minute can one forget he is with manmade things and rules and plans.

"I don't know what they were thinking." said Ceretto who is the state representative whose district includes the state park. "I understand some of what they were doing but I can't say I agree with it. They compromised the natural beauty of Three Sisters Islands."

I approached the ranger and said to him, "were you here before?"


"What's your honest opinion? Do you like this better now or before?"

He said, "I can't say because I don't want to get in trouble."

"I won't use your name."

"Well. I liked the way it was before. It was beautiful and natural. Now look at it."

The price was so high that it could have been paved with gold, said one park source who asked not to be named.

Curiously, the specifications for shape, weight and size of the ugly, ill-fitting and dis-harmoniously colored granite stones were so precise that only one supplier, whose company is near Albany, could fill the specs.

That helps explain why the cost was so high and perhaps also explains why they needed to rape the Three Sisters Islands.

It may have been not so much needed but rather campaign contributor driven.

We will have more on this topic later.



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JUN 11, 2013