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Meeting on Tenant Screening May Help Landlords Keep Deadbeat Tenants Out

Your last tenant seemed like such a nice guy... until he moved in.

The Landlord Association of Greater Niagara (LAGN) will hold a meeting on Wednesday, July 10 at 9 a.m. at the Jetport Restaurant on 7100 Porter Rd., Niagara Falls.

The meeting, chaired by LAGN President Robert Pascoal, will focus on tenant screening tools available to landlords.

Stephen White, CEO of Fidelis Screening Solutions, LLC, a local company offering tenant, pre-employment and drug screening services, will be the guest speaker.

As an LAGN press release maintains, assuming you just evicted your tenant, "The marshal just turned possession of your rental unit back to you. You survey the damage. You decide you need to clean the 'whatever it is' off the walls and then prime and paint them. The sink needs repairing and you decide to put in a new window or floor. Remember, you must deliver an apartment that meets the 'Implied Warranty of Habitability.' You vow that you won't let this happen to you again… Now it's time to find a new tenant."

"Whether you spend hundreds or thousands fixing your place up, we often overlook the value of the relatively small cost, in time and money, of screening our tenants," Pascoal said. “And do you really want to rush into putting anyone in your place? Don't forget the two or three months in lost rent from non-payment or repairs."

Landlords interested in becoming members are welcome to attend the meeting or visit their Facebook page at https://www



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JUL 09, 2013