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Crogan Stepping Down After Falling Short on Main St. Growth

Rick Crogan resigns.

A front page article appeared in the Niagara Gazette last week entitled “Rick Crogan Stepping Down from Main Street Group to Get More Political”.

It was about how Crogan quit his position as president of the Main Street Business and Professional Association, in part, over the Hamister hotel project; his plans are to criticize the council majority for questioning the deal and make his voice heard in the public arena.

Crogan appears as a man on the horns of a dilemma; a man who, as president of the Main Street Business and Professional Association was charged with getting mostly vacant Main St. occupied with businesses again. In his own words, he has "hit a roadblock"

“We’ve seen one business open up in three years," he said.

What prompted Crogan to quit?

A “baffling” decision by the current council regarding the Hamister project at last Wednesday’s meeting which left Crogan shaking his head.

He called the decision to ignore the hotel project “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Crogan said he would meet council candidates and rate their accomplishments. His litmus test is apparently the Hamister deal. He virtually endorsed Andrew Touma, Kristen Grandinetti, and Charles Walker; the three who are said to be the Dyster slate have endorsed the Hamister hotel deal.

Walker received special praise from Crogan who said Walker showed "great intestinal fortitude" when, in a room packed with a mob of angry Hamister/Dyster supporters, who were berating, heckling and booing the council majority, Walker took his turn and spoke rudely to his colleagues, Council Chairman Glenn Choolokian, Councilmen Sam Fruscione and Robert Anderson Jr.

Walker grew brave behind a protective shower of applause and encouragement, knowing he could say anything safely while Choolokian would be booed and heckled.

“I’m so proud of Charles Walker, standing up to them last night,” Crogan said.

Comments posted after the story congratulated Crogan for his move.

But one contrarian voice was heard in the wilderness.

It was the voice of Lou "Nuclear Lou" Ricciuti. He wrote, "As the head of Main Street business association, 'We’ve seen one business open up in three years. That’s just unacceptable.'... (S.O.S.) PERFECT credentials to go up against the majority and 'run the city.' BTW - the 'new hotel' project is a bust for the City and a give-away. A Buffalo property grab. Touma? Isn't that P. Dyster's friend? Pffft! More of the same (shaking my head)."



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Jul 30, 2013