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Candidate Allah Changed Name for Cultural Reasons

Saladin Allah, not a convert.

In the July 9, 2013 editions of the Niagara Falls Reporter, it was reported that Saladin Quanaah Allah, born Christopher R. Frank, changed his name, "as is customary for Muslim converts." Allah is a candidate for the 4th District legislative seat against incumbent Owen Steed.

Allah has informed the Reporter that he changed his birth name 14 years ago to an Arabic/Muslim name for "cultural reasons, not because of religion."

Allah said, "As a proud descendant of Rev. Josiah Henson, a former slave, I learned at a very early age how slavery arrested the development, and changed the cultural identity of my ancestors. This happened regardless of their religion, or worldview. For many ethnic groups, choosing a name that honors their lineage and represents their culture is a very important tradition. For African-Americans like myself this choice is part of a transformative journey to reconnect with our cultural roots, and honor our classical civilizations, prior to slavery."

Saladin means, "honor or righteousness of the faith." The name is Arabic.

"My middle name, Quanaah, means 'fragrant,'" Allah explains, "and honors my Native American ancestry. My last name, Allah, is also Arabic and means 'The Go...”

“Contrary to what some may assume, I am not Muslim," Allah said. "My siblings and I were raised in Trinity Baptist Church where our mother, Lois Frank, and grandmother, Mildred Mabry, served as the pianist and organist for many years."



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Jul 30, 2013