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Bloomberg Wannabe Quinn Takes Aim at Happy Meals

By Lori Lane

Christine Quinn knows you're too stupid to know what to do.

New York City mayoral candidate Christine Quinn is presently the speaker of the New York City Council. She wants to succeed America’s Nanny, Michael Bloomberg, at Gracie Mansion.

Bloomberg used the New York City mayoralty to wage war on everything from how much pop his constituents can drink to whether people in Colorado should be allowed to buy the guns they want.

Most recently, he fought efforts by state lawmakers to re-legalize sparklers.

Bloomberg prompted the New York City Board of Health to make a regulation banning the sale of sugary sodas larger than 16 ounces by restaurants, movie theaters, pushcarts and sports arenas in New York City to attack the rising tide of obesity; something he thinks is the government's, not the individual's responsibility.

Fortunately, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling dismissed Bloomberg’s rule as “arbitrary and capricious.”

Quinn may be no fan of Bloomberg's ban on pop containers but she has her sights set on something bigger, something more offensive to her liberal sensibilities: the Happy Meal, which apparently makes her feel sad.

The wannabe-Mayor McCheese-who, judging by pictures, already has an intimate knowledge of Ronald, Grimace, and the Hamburglar-wants to stop businesses from advertising meals as being for children, unless they have fewer than 650 calories.

Not that she’d be a trailblazer. Back in 2011, San Francisco banned McDonald’s from including toys in Happy Meals.

Quinn is little more than a pale, pasty, doughy imitation of her Left Coast counterparts, busy deciding what facets of our lives she should govern.

The full-figured Quinn is essentially Bloomberg in drag.



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Jul 30, 2013