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Anello: Language too Complicated

Former Mayor Vince Anello agreed that the Hamister resolution as written contains "double speak."

He said several issues need clarification from the corporation counsel.

While objecting to the council not raising the issue of the language of the resolution earlier, he said, "There is no doubt in my mind...as a councilman I would balk. This is a proposed development agreement and the resolution's language is overly complicated. I don't blame the council for balking. If the corporation counsel can't make the language clearer, those clauses should be eliminated.

"If I was on the council, I would have had this resolution shredded to bits. On the other hand, if I was on the council, this thing would have been cleared up by now."

Anello's main objection is that the resolution is almost indecipherable to a layman.

"If I can't explain it at coffee shops, it isn't going in the contract," Anello said. "That is my threshold."



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Jul 30, 2013