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Elder Declares His Stance on Serving Don't Vote Your Party, Vote Your Best Interest

By Robert Elder

Robert J. Elder Candidate Niagara Falls City Council

Throughout the years, election time always seems to be the time when candidates put on their respective political suits and stand their ground like the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s: hands up, ready to fight, to throw their respective verbal attacks at each other,--each political candidate trying to trump the other.

In doing so, they are missing one of the most important aspects of why we all participate in this political event: elections. 

It is to accede to the will of the people. To let the governed choose their government.

When you take office as a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Conservative or Green Party member, do you look out only for the needs of the people of those parties?

The proper answer should be a resounding "no."

Every person who lives in the City of Niagara Falls should be represented by every elected official, regardless of political affiliation. They deserve the best to fight for what is right and for what they need of government.

As a voter, do you want to vote for an individual because he or she is of the same political affiliation as you? Or do you want the person who is going to get the job done?

Perhaps the bane of modern day elections is that too often we align ourselves with a person or group or party and think that anything other than what they believe or represent is wrong.

That idea is not only false, but in so doing people miss the opportunity to study the issues and vote for the man or woman who may truly stand to represent what is factually in their best interest.

As a candidate myself, for the Niagara Falls City Council, I wish to declare that I want to transcend all party affiliations. My motto is “New faces, means new changes.”

Whether you are a registered Democrat, Republican, Independent, Conservative, Green or Working Families, to me, you are all equally important to the City of Niagara Falls and its government. 

And the people of Niagara Falls, these are my bosses, if I am fortunate enough to be elected. And these, these only, are the only people to whom I will answer to. 



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Jul 23, 2013