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Warshaw's Oakland Sex Scandal Quashed

by Judge Who Appointed Him

By Mike Hudson

Was he on the make? Robert Warshaw (above) has been accused of making sexually suggestive comments to Oakland's City Administrator Deanna Santana (below).

A federal judge ruled last week that charges of sexual impropriety made against Robert Warshaw by the city administrator of Oakland, Calif., aren't enough for the former Rochester police chief to be removed from his job as monitor of Oakland's police department.

In a one-paragraph order, U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson said that an investigation into the accusations had not "in any way diminished" his confidence in Warshaw's "professionalism or his ability to perform his duties."

Tellingly, perhaps, Henderson did not address the issue of whether or not the lurid accusations were true. It was Henderson who sent Warshaw to Oakland and Henderson who ordered all information regarding the alleged sexual impropriety sealed forever from public view.

In Niagara Falls, Warshaw is the beneficiary of a no-bid contract to oversee city police here that has already cost taxpayers more than $203,000. He is politically connected to Gov. Andrew Cuomo by way of Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy, who served under Warshaw in the Rochester police department.

When Warshaw accepted an appointment from then President Bill Clinton, he recommended Duffy to take over his post as Rochester's chief of police.

Last year, Warshaw was accused of making sexual advances toward Oakland City Administrator Deanna Santana. That prompted attorneys seeking to put the department under federal control to demand an investigation into how that information became public.

In one case, Warshaw allegedly took the hand of the married mother of two and told her she looked "stunning." It was further alleged that the former Rochester police chief proposed Santana meet him at private locations.

Warshaw also allegedly used abusive language when talking to Santana about Police Chief Howard Jordan, sources familiar with the case said.

Although there isn't enough public information to verify the allegations, Patricia Bellasalma, California Chapter president for National Organization for Women, said that keeping Warshaw on the job could make it harder to build the trust needed to complete reforms.

"Something took place that made a distinguished woman very uncomfortable," Bellasalma said. "The judge has the power to do what he wants, but that doesn't mean he's doing the right thing to facilitate a better police department."

Neither Santana nor Warshaw had any public comment following Judge Henderson's decision last week.

One thing is for certain: whether or not Robert Warshaw made inappropriate sexual advances toward Deanna Santana, you could find a lot of city taxpayers who'd tell you he's raping Niagara Falls.



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Jul 16, 2013