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A Corporation with a heart!

Quietly, Niagara Falls Redevelopment aids our youth with scholarships

By James Cancemi

Anthony Bergamo, president of
Niagara Falls Redevelopment, is as well known for his charitable works as for his savvy business skills.

Our community's youth deserve every opportunity to excel academically and athletically, and to pursue opportunities for higher education. That is why we founded the Niagara Falls Education Foundation 13 years ago.

The Foundation provides scholarships for deserving students of the Niagara Falls School District and naturally it is dependent on the generosity of the community.

Through the Foundation's fundraising efforts, we provide scholarships that help our youth achieve their goals, the pursuit of which, in many cases, they thought was unreachable.

Among the businesses that stand out as a premier and shining light in aiding our youths is Niagara Falls Redevelopment.
Their charitable contributions have made it possible to award a dozen college scholarships to seniors over the past two years, recognize the national champion girls' bowling team and a track star last year, fund athletic scouting opportunities for our students that have resulted in thousands of dollars in additional scholarships, provide books and supplies in the classrooms, funded the money necessary to continue the popular Cataract Classic varsity boys' basketball tournament each December at Niagara Falls High School and even secured Nik Wallenda’s inspiring visit to our schools.

That’s impact, perhaps unseen to most in the community but not lost on so many young people’s lives. Under the leadership of Howard Milstein, Anthony Bergamo and Roger Trevino, it seems Niagara Falls Redevelopment never says "no" to the youth of our city.

These men, without fanfare, have quietly contributed not only to our foundation, but other community organizations that rely on individual and corporate contributions to be able to offer youth the motivation and chances to make dreams a reality.
They invest in our community, our students, our future leaders.

And while they have sought no public praise, the Board of Directors of the Niagara Falls Education Foundation takes this opportunity to publicly thank Niagara Falls Redevelopment and recognize that their business and charitable philosophy is part of the very fabric of this community.



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Jan 08 , 2013