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Carl Paladino Takes Aim at Senator Mark Grisanti

By Carl Paladino

Conflict of ideals? Carl Paladino (top ) says he is not too pleased with “increasingly liberal” NY State Senator Mark Grisanti (above).

You are now a confirmed RINO (Republican In Name Only).
It wasn’t always that way. Prior to being first elected you appeared to have values and a spine.

Unfortunately, as a political neophyte, your christening in the treachery, illusion and theatrics of the most corrupt state government in America was too much to handle.

The fact is that until the last moment you did not want to vote for the gay marriage bill but you received unbearable pressure from your campaign manager Joel Giambra. He told you that you owed him and it would look very bad to his boss, Al, the fixer, D’Amato, if he didn’t get you to vote for the bill. Cuomo had commissioned D'Amato to get him the Republican votes he needed so he could pound his chest and tell America that he could pass any liberal legislation that he pleased in New York State. You then began your slide into oblivion when you chose Cuomo over your values and threw the constituents who put you in office under the bus.

Your reward came in the 2011-2012 election cycle when you received huge financial help ($1,600,000) from the pigs at the trough and the gay community. You used most of the bribe money and support from the other corrupt Albany leadership insiders – Skelos, Silver and Cuomo's favorite Western New York lackey and stooge, George Maziarz, to get elected.

You shocked the Republican and Conservative parties when you broke your promise to oppose gay marriage. Most people, including me, could not care less about the issue. The Conservatives denied you the nomination but state RINOs pushed the county Republican party to endorse you because you were the incumbent. It was simply the lack of integrity and character, the ability to say “The hell with those who put me here, I’ll vote the way I want,” that left a bad taste with me and the Republican and Conservative rank and file.

Al D’Amato smiled and took huge fees from his lobbyist clients because Cuomo now "owed him” a big favor. Giambra kept his job and the cowardly Maziarz and Skelos were able to garner Cuomo's blessing, vote against the bill and try to keep their deniability and the illusion that they had backbones. All those theatrics are defined as the Albany 2-step.

You don't have a clue what it is to be a representative of the people. You think people voted for you so you could vote your own squirrelly mind on issues. Your ego and allegiances are out of control. Many of us forgave you for your first omission and remained mum during the election. No more.

The day of the vote on gun control I texted you and said don’t do it. Your response to me was "I know what's in it and what's not."

Mark, they know how to control you and the other impotent legislators that voted for the bill. It's the siege mentality. They stack the bill with totally off the reservation “givebacks” and then allow vulnerable idiots like you to negotiate them out of the bill so you feel accomplishment and then think you should vote for the "compromise" bill. Why compromise on a bill that shouldn’t be in the first place? They know how to play you and make you feel important when all along it's a bad bill in the context of a highly emotional time when only a morally wanting governor would take advantage. The entire idea is bad and has nothing to do with eradicating crime on the streets. All you did was attack the second amendment and restrict the good guys with more overregulation.

The bottom line is you let the arrogant Cuomo further his political career and satisfy his insatiable ego. It illustrates you are not capable of representing us. You have become an embarrassment and a disappointment. The moderate people of Western New York are sick of the liberal elites. They are sick of the downstate dictates and intrusions on their lives.
You only won your first election because you ran against a complete moron. It wasn't Joel Giambra, Carl Paladino or any other nonsense. People were fed up with bad government and wanted change and that's what you spoke of during the campaign. After the election you became one of them. Some people only learn the hard way.

No more Mark, no more. You’re done as a Republican. You’ve been itching to become a Democrat again. Go for it. Go ahead and watch how all those Reagan Democrat gun owners in your district vote considering that they now must register their rifles and ammunition.

Mark, the elitists want to keep their guns but deny them to Joe and Josephine Citizen because they think they are smarter and endure the terrible guilt of having a successful life. Tyrants desire to keep the masses dumb and disarmed. They want people to beg for mere existence. Keep them poor and on the dole, give them free ice cream and cell phones and they will continue to vote for your career in office. Is that what it’s about Mark? Are you a tyrant Mark? You play on the wrong team.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: he views expressed in this article are Carl pladino's and do not necessarily reflect the views of this newspaper.



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Jan 29 , 2013