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Local Scientology Group Hosts Seminar on Abuses of Psychiatry

By Glenn Gramigna

"According to (psychiatrists), everyone is helplessly mad and anyone who opposes them is especially so. Yet where are their cures? They only have victims. They torture and kill out of sight in their
institutions." L. Ron Hubbard
Steve Kaylor saw psychiatry up close.
Hitler, Freud and Jung compared at a recent Scientology-hosted event “exposing” the dangers of the
profession of psychiatry.

As certain as dawn following the dusk or as death and taxes, you can be sure that whenever a terrible mass shooting takes place, psychiatrists will pop up on TV to give their “expert opinions” on the latest tragedy.

You can imagine what they will say. ‘What we need is more and better access to psychiatric treatment,’ or ‘We need more funding for psychiatric treatment.’

Assuming these assertions were true, why is it that a 2005 Norwegian study found that patients of all ages taking anti-depressants were seven times more likely to commit suicide than those taking sugar pills?

How is it that a Harvard study of 950 patients taking psychiatric drugs discovered 362 murders, 13 school shootings, and 5 bombings among its numbers?

Well, excuse us for thinking, it seems as though some folks are beginning to wonder if CNN, MSNBC and the rest, along with their psychiatric best buddies, are really telling us the whole story.

Maybe that's why a large group of like-minded local residents recently attended a Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) program on the evils of psychiatry and psychiatric drugs at the Church of Scientology building on the corner of Main and Virginia in Buffalo.

Among them was Niagara Falls resident Steve Kaylor who became concerned about psychiatric abuses first-hand when two women he knew found themselves put on anti-psychotic medications.

“In the 1990s, two women I knew were put on these drugs,” he told this reporter at the event. “Both of them slowed down immediately, lost hope, and gained 80 pounds, despite the fact that being overweight was one of their original problems. It seemed like their 'mental illness' was being treated by making them unthinking, unfeeling slugs. These people were just destroyed. I wrote a letter to one of their psychiatrists complaining that he had left these two ladies to just sit and stare with dilated pupils...The shrink was a NYS employee who did not reply to my letter.”

Fortunately, Steve found numerous friends and allies at the CCHR event.

The main item on the bill of fare was a series of films that detailed the depths of the psychiatric tragedy which has engulfed America since psychotropic drugs were first unleashed on an unsuspecting USA during the 1960s. The only mass killings President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had to deal with occurred on Dec. 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor. For President Eisenhower, it was the Korean War. In fact, mass shootings were virtually unknown in America until August of 1966 when a disturbed student named Charles Whitman, took his barbiturate and amphetamine-filled body along with a rifle up to the top of a tower on the campus of the University of Texas and started firing, helter skelter, at his fellow scholars below.

The films, complete with real life audio from 911 calls, featured horrified family members reporting that, “My sister is trying to kill herself!” or “I've just killed my two daughters!” All of the perpetrators of these nightmares were on psych drugs when they committed their homicidal/suicidal deeds.

Previously in this space, we have offered a long list of famous and not so famous killers who murdered while on psychiatric medications. As it turned out, we were only scratching the surface. Did you know that John Hinckley was on valium when he nearly killed President Ronald Reagan in early 1981?

What about Jeffrey Dahmer of Milwaukee, the mass murderer who strangled and then hacked up the bodies of his victims so he could have post mortem sex with them? Anti-depressants. Or the estranged wife of Saturday Night Live comedian Phil Hartman, who murdered him while he slept with their children right there in the house? Also anti-depressants.

In fact, CCHR reports that psychiatric drugs have been responsible for over 63,000 suicides (at last count), and they claim that there are more deaths than those suffered on 911 caused by shrink medications every month!

At the end of the program, all in attendance were invited to work hand in hand with CCHR to defend human rights against psychiatric abuse. The Church of Scientology of Buffalo maintains a permanent Citizens Commission on Human Rights exhibit on the 5th floor of its building. All of the videos shown at the event are available to the public.



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Jan 29 , 2013