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Rand Paul: Obama Doesn't Understand 2nd Amendment Is for Defense Against Tyranny

By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.
(From CNSnews.com)

In an interview with Conservative Commandos Radio Show (CCRS), Sen. Rand Paul explained that the 2nd Amendment is "useful for self-defense against tyranny."

CCRS host Rick Trader asked Mr. Paul: "Senator, I would like to think that Barack Obama understands the reasoning for the 2nd Amendment - to protect the people from an oppressive government - do you think he understands that or is he using this just to promote another liberal, radical liberal agenda?"

Paul responded, "You know I don't think he does quite understand this."

"Liberals most of the times don't understand that guns are useful for self-defense against criminals, but that guns are also useful for self-defense against tyranny," he said.

Trader then asked Paul if Americans should be allowed to possess the same weapons that the U.S. government possesses to protect themselves.

"If the government can possess assault weapons, wouldn't it make sense, based upon the 2nd Amendment, that the people should have the same ability to protect themselves?

"After all...governments have been the biggest users of weapons to control people that disagree with them. Shouldn't we the people have the right to make sure that never happens here?"

Paul responded assertively, "Absolutely."

"And the Bill of the Rights, the 2nd Amendment included are one of the greatest items that secure our freedom and our liberty and we won't go down without a fight on this," Paul said.



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Jan 22 , 2013