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Piccirillo Made Acting City Administrator

Niagara Falls Council member Kristen Grandinetti has been lobbying for a plan to merge two city departments, Community Development and Economic Development, into one with 30-year-old Seth Piccirillo as the head of both. Piccirillo says that he would head both without a raise in his $70,000 per year salary.

Sources say that Piccirillo is seen by Dyster and Grandinetti as a go – to man, and potentially their choice to be the next mayor of Niagara Falls.

When Dyster left town for nine days to travel with his wife and City administrator Donna Owens, in order to get a glimpse of President Barack Obama, to attend the Conference of Mayors gathering, and other equally important things, he then left Piccirillo in charge of the daily operations of the city, as acting city administrator.

In the past, Dyster left Department of Public Works Director Dave Kinney, age 70, as administrator when he left town.
Council member Charles Walker is the acting mayor in Dyster’s absence.



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Jan 22 , 2013