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Buffalo Lawyer Paul Cambria Is Go-To Guy in Porn Industry

Paul Cambria
Cambria client, Kayden Kross
Cambria client, Logan Pierce

Last week, the Daily Beast published an article/interview with Buffalo lawyer Paul Cambria by Richard Abowitz, entitled “Paul Cambria, the Porn Industry’s Go-To Lawyer, Takes On Measure B.”

Measure B, by the way, is a Los Angeles ballot initiative passed by Los Angeles County voters requiring the use of condoms on adult film sets, and is opposed by many in the porn industry.

Cambria is representing porn producer Vivid Entertainment, and performers Kayden Kross, and Logan Pierce, in a lawsuit filed this month aimed at stopping Measure B.

Abowitz writes, “For years Cambria has been the go-to lawyer for the porn industry’s biggest fights, representing among many others Larry Flynt, as well as winning an acquittal in the high profile 2010 obscenity trial of Evil Angel owner John Stagliano. His long list of sex acts that he recommends pornographers not film to avoid obscenity charges (no food used as sex objects, no coffins, no wax drippings, etc.) is known in pornland as “the Cambria List.” A link to complete “The Cambria’s List” is on the website.

When asked by Abowitz, “How can you object to the right of LA County voters to decide how porn gets shot in their community?” Cambria answers, “You don’t have a referendum on First Amendment rights. If that were the case then the majority of the population would dictate the content of our movies, our speeches, and our songs and all other things that are expressive. So, referendum never makes it in the First Amendment area. In fact, it is the opposite. The First Amendment does a better job at protecting those in the minority because what they may say, do or express is unpopular and thereby needs to be protected. It is always someone who may not have a popular thing to say but they still have a right to say it.”

For the full story and interview, and a look at Cambria’s pro-freedom defense of what is probably a controversial, if not unpopular form of free expression, see http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/01/20/paul-cambria-the-porn-industry-s-go-to-lawyer-takes-on-measure-b.html.



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Jan 22 , 2013