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NBC Decrys Violence, Promotes It

Virtual killer: "You, Sir, are about to die." From Assasins's Creed III

NBC News, (nbcnews.com) while decrying violence against children, is promoting a video game with a highly favorable news story, entitled "Billion-digital-people-assassinated… in 'Assasin’s Creed III.'”

“It seems the word ‘assassin’ in that title has been very well earned,” NBC wrote in a review.

“During the last month, gamers have chalked up an impressive number of kills while playing the recently launched action-adventure game — a game that puts players in the boots of a time travelling assassin and his ancestors as it history hops through Revolutionary War-era America.”

It is not known how much in advertising dollars NBC News receives from video game publishers or from the publisher of Assasin’s Creed III, the French Company Ubisoft, but one has to acknowledge that NBC has a curious creed - one which condemns real violence and promotes virtual violence.



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Jan 15 , 2013