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Letters to the Editor

Canadian praises Maid coverage by Reporter

Because of the interest in the Maid of the Mist on our side of the border, I have been following the articles by Mr. James Hufnagel. We live about 15 minutes from the U. S. border and visit states’ side at least once a week. On one such visit I happened to pick up your interesting newspaper and started following your articles on the Maid of the Mist.
I highly commend Mr. Hufnagel for keeping on top of the convoluted situation between Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the Parks Police and Mr. Glynn. On reading these articles, I can only conclude that everything is not on the up and up. It is too bad that the general public cannot have their eyes opened regarding the situation. I would hope the Schoellkopf site would be given more respect than to end up as a boat ramp. The parties involved should be ashamed. Also there is the matter of financial gain for Mr. Glynn. Is the matter as it stands now a done deal?
Keep up the good work.
Kathleen Silverthorr

Liked our cover

I loved your picture and article on the Governor bearing gifts.
Colleen Tibollo
Wheatfield, NY

Reporter compared to the National Enquirer

Your little "National Enquirer" like newspaper appears to be nothing more than that....a rag!
I think the biased reporting by your staff is disgusting! I guess it's all about who lines your pockets, no?
I never even knew this existed until it was brought to my attention. How disgusting to trash people's good names for no reason other than 1) you needed to fill space in this rag or 2) you were paid/given favors to do it! And people wonder what's wrong with this city and with this town!
I was hoping to see actual reporting and something a whole lot better than what I was told; didn't happen! I hope that in the new year you can do much better than this; you're making yourselves look like fools!

Bills are weak

Dear Editor:
Russ Brandon and the Buffalo Bills organization need to start coming clean with the fans, and with the Buffalo/Niagara community at large, concerning new ownership, as well as concerning whatever public money they receive from us for their various endeavors.
Mr. Brandon's response to questions about new ownership, given Ralph Wilson's advanced age, passing such questions off as "tiresome," only shows the arrogance and lack of understanding that One Bills Drive shows to Bills fans and the larger community in which said franchise operates.
Sure, they got rid of Chan Gailey and the coaching staff. But afterwards?
-Promote Russ Brandon to President/CEO? Is not marketing his niche?
-Keep Buddy Nix as GM? Is not scouting his niche?
-What kind of example is Doug Whaley being given as he hopes to one day be the next Bills' GM? Not a good one, I'm afraid.
These moves amount to no more than rearranging the Titanic's chairs.
Now, some would say, "Give Brandon a chance; at least Ralph gave him the reins." Given the kooky and whacky ways the Bills have done things over the years, I can't bring myself to give him any slack.

Parlato is greedy, selfish dude; Glynn deserving of riches from Governor

This is for publication if you have the courage. The reason few give a damn whether Jim Glynn got the deal or not from Gov Cuomo has less to do with what Niagara Falls possibly lost in revenue and more to do with what the city would have done with it if the tables were turned.
The taxpayer would have been robbed blind.
You see, the new saviors of our city, Frank Parlato and Mike Hudson, among others, rode in just in time to claim amnesia on the hundreds of million of dollars that passed through the hands of our great city politicians from 1975 to present and right into nepotism, sweetheart deals of their own making, and ill-fated investments.
Guess where the money came from? It came from government grants and taxpayer dollars. Guess where the government grants came from? Taxpayer dollars.
Now before we go after the Seneca's, along with Jim Glynn, which by the way is the reason Mr. Parlato has a cash register in Niagara Falls to begin with, let's ask ourselves what this city would be like if they didn't build their casino. What would have become of the Convention Center?
But I digress...let's get back to Jim Glynn and why people don't care that he got a sweetheart deal. The reason is because Jim Glynn in an employer in Niagara Falls. Jim Glynn donates millions of dollars to Niagara University and the Niagara Falls community. Jim Glynn will help any organization in need of his assistance. See, not all of his money disappears like the hundreds of millions that evaporated in the last 35 years in this city.
Since I feel things are self-serving much of the time, if the city was to earn much more from their Maid of the Mist contract, knights like Mr. Parlato would be there with their hands firmly extended to take full advantage, asking for more for himself in terms of tax reductions and anything else that would add to his 9-10 story hamburger, Indian food and souvenir monument. Ever heard of Pedro's South of the Border? Enter Frank's Next to the Border. At least Pedro's has motel rooms you can rent and better tasting food at lower prices.
I've seen where millions of dollars of Jim Glynn's money has gone. I'm waiting to see where Mr. Parlato's money goes. Mr. Hudson is just the farmhand like the guy who walks the horses at Churchill Downs. Mr. Hudson tells you how much the city sucks, yet he bought a home here.
The only people who would EVER benefit from additional Maid of the Mist funds are guys like Mr. Parlato. I wouldn't benefit by it. My potential property tax savings would go into his pocket somehow, some way never to return.
Congratulations Mr. Glynn. The guy who donates the most to his community got the most back for a change.
Joseph George, Jr.
Niagara Falls, NY

Why aren't people outraged on Maid deal?

I would like to add my voice to others in regard to the horrendous going-ons in Niagara Falls. I was born and raised there and just recently moved to a senior citizen complex in North Tonawanda. I wonder why Paul Dyster hasn’t been heard from about the Maid of the Mist. But worse than that, I am outraged at what our governor is doing: no bidding process on the Maid of the Mist. Millions of dollars lost to the state. What kind of sweet deal have he and Jimmy Glynn worked out?
Bad enough he has thrown Niagara Falls under the bus as far as casino money is concerned. Again millions of dollars lost to my home town.
Gov. Cuomo doesn’t care at all about WNY. I wish there was something we could do. Maybe we can show him our dissatisfaction at the polls.
‘Why aren’t the residents of Niagara Falls all up in arms?
Margaret A. Ellman
North Tonawanda



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Jan 15 , 2013