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New Chief’s Increased Patrols Seems to be Having an Impact

According to police sources, the promised implementation of more police cars on patrol by new police Chief Bryan DalPorto is already underway.

A mere six cars, with single officers in each, were all that were scheduled during the reign of former police chief John Chella, a fact that delighted criminals throughout the city.

This past week, the city streets were safer.

The Reporter has learned that Chief DalPorto placed 11 cars on patrol over this past weekend. It could just be a coincidence, but reports of violent crime were down.

In fact, as far as crime was concerned, it was one of the quietest weekends in recent memory.

Maybe the word is out and violent criminals better beware.

Chief DalPorto told the Reporter, “I never had a problem putting guilty people behind bars.”

Under DalPorto’s no-nonsense philosophy, the 2,000 or so repeat criminals who have held the other 48,000 city residents hostage for years had better seek some new employment or else, the chief promises, the city will assist them in securing gainful employment – making license plates and other equally rewarding duties – in prisons.



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Jan 15 , 2013