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NACC, Block Club, Beautification Committee should show strength, fund themselves!

An estimated crowd of 250 people attended the Niagara Falls council meeting Monday, many of whom clamored for money for their own pet projects. None of whom, perhaps, made the direct connection between their desires and the burden of taxation on hard working people. These same, good, clamoring people, no doubt, would not stick a gun in their neighbors chest and say “pay for my pet project". Yet what happens when their neighbors cannot pay the high taxes in this city? The city seizes their homes and sells them. If the people who clamor for tax money had half an ounce of gumption, they would go out and get contributions from people voluntarily instead of using government to force people to pay for their arts and picnics and flowers. Depending on government for everything and anything is weakness, it is what got Niagara Falls into this depressing and broken down state that it is in. Isn't it time for the people of Niagara Falls to develop the strength to wean themselves away from government and stand on their own two feet and do mighty things without forcing, literally forcing, others to pay for it? -FRP




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Feb 05 , 2013