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Is Lew-Port Covering Up Another Bullying Incident?

By Lenny Palumbo

School Supt. Chris Roser cut off all communications with the Niagara Falls Reporter.

Is another classic cover-up taking place at the Lewiston-Porter Central School District?

It’s difficult to say for sure at this point because School Supt. Chris Roser, after partially confirming that a potential bullying incident recently occurred on campus, has cut off communication with the Niagara Falls Reporter.

Roser confirmed that an incident had taken place that involved, among other things, a petition submitted by some members of the Girls Varsity Basketball team to Athletic Director Scott Townsend seeking the removal of one of the players.

Roser told the Reporter he hadn’t talked to all of the administrators involved, but would do so and inform us of the results the next day. That day was supposed to be last Tuesday. Repeated attempts to contact Roser by phone and email have been unsuccessful.

According to several irate parents, Middle School teacher and Lewiston-Porter United Teachers President Kevin Jaruszewski may have had a role in the possible bullying incident. Sources say he sent text messages to some of the children encouraging them in their quest to remove the player/victim who was, according to Roser, the member of a rival clique.

The question to be answered is will the overall treatment of the girl show a clear pattern of bullying? If so, will something be done to address it? And were any teachers involved in inappropriate conduct?

Roser’s refusal to further discuss the matter gives the impression that he and the district are not being completely forthcoming.
All seven board members were contacted for this story. Two courteously responded, but declined comment.



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Feb 26 , 2013