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The (Taxpayer-Funded) Party's Over

Mild mannered councilman for a great and famous city.
Sam Fruscione

Readers of the Niagara Falls Reporter may have noticed there is a new idea out there: that every expense of government should be judged on behalf of the man or woman who has to work to pay for it.

By this new standard the funding of the Hard Rock Concert series, the Holiday Market, the Blues Festival, the NACC, the Beatification Committee, the parties and magicians at the Block Club, even the Art of Beer have fallen by the wayside. They have to make it on their own, like the taxpayer does.
As for bloated bureaucracies, like USA Niagara, that take from the poor and give to the rich developers, these too have been cut and more will be cut.
Next on the list is the NTCC.

The reason for this change is due to council members Glenn Choolokian, Robert Anderson and Sam Fruscione. They saw the extravagance, the waste, where people's money went to campaign contributors or Buffalo interests, or foolish schemes, or drunken parties, or make-work for consultants (who are campaign contributors of the mayor).
This year, Mayor Paul Dyster proposed an 8 percent tax increase, a spending spree he called his “disaster budget.” The three council members averted it. There was no tax increase.

This year, Sam Fruscione is running for reelection. His reelection may mean the difference between the old bankrupting ways or a government that respects the taxpayer. You will likely see some dirty politics since special interests here and in Buffalo will be eager to defeat Fruscione and put in his place someone who will vote to spend the millions on them that Fruscione saved for the taxpayers. Should you or Hard Rock pay for their concerts?

What do you say?



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Feb 19 , 2013