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Dyster Handicapped?

License plate NF-1 is assigned to the Mayor of Niagara Falls. If he is #1, why can’t he park anywhere?

This photo (see right) was taken on a recent Saturday afternoon. It is a picture of Mayor Dyster's city car parked in a handicapped parking spot, as he shopped at the Radio Shack in the Tops International Plaza on Niagara Falls Blvd.

Our correspondent yelled out to the mayor as he walked alone into the store to advise him that he was parked in a handicap spot. The mayor did not respond, and continued into the store.

Our correspondent approached the empty city vehicle to take a closer look, and to give the mayor the benefit of the doubt that maybe he did have a handicap sticker. It’s possible the mayor suffers from a handicap and legally qualifies for the preferred parking while using the city vehicle while shopping at Radio Shack on a Saturday.

No such tag was visible.

Then again, maybe because he is mayor, like ambassadors at the UN, he is above the law and can park anywhere. And use the city vehicle for personal business.

In any event, the parking spaces closest to the store were full; the weather was cold and the handicap spaces are far more convenient than those other spaces farther away. I am certain that any disabled and legally qualified handicapped person would have been thrilled to park much farther away in order to accommodate His Honor. After all, he is the mayor.



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Feb 19 , 2013