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Thoughts in Moments of Repose

By Moose, Jr.

Every once in a while, in quiet moments of repose, thoughts turn to philosophy and the effect of the human condition on the planet earth, or more specifically, the craziness of Niagara Falls politics.

First, let’s start with the word “politics.” If you split the word up into two parts, the first is poly, which means many. The second part is tic, which means a bloodsucking parasite. That puts everything into perspective. Below is a list of observations about Niagara Falls politics that might be helpful:
Mayors and diapers should be changed frequently for the same reason.
I lament for those who are too smart to run for Niagara Falls politics for they are punished by those in politics who are dumber than themselves.

Typically, Niagara Falls politicians promise to build a bridge over a spot where there is no river.

In order to become the master of the Falls, the mayor portrays himself as the servant. When I was a young child I was told that anyone can be mayor of Niagara Falls; now that I’ve grown up, I know that to be true.

I would say that nothing is too good for Mayor Dyster. Nothing at all.

Niagara Falls politics is the art of looking for trouble, locating it whether it is there or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and coming up with the wrong solution.

We prosecute the dumb thieves and elect and re-elect the smart ones.

There is nothing the mayor likes better than handing out benefits to be paid for by someone else.

Being mayor is making your selfish desires seem like they are in the city’s best interests.

The mayor spent most of the people’s money on an inflated courthouse, a Lewiston road debacle, a Holiday Market festival, a wasteful Hard Rock concerts series, an art of beer festival, a study to make his own street historic, and a study on vending areas that would have cost less to build than study.

On top of that, almost $50 million of Seneca Casino money went to campaign contributors and harebrained schemes, most of it vanishing without a trace of benefit to the people of Niagara Falls, plus a $40 million dollar new train station that so few people will ride it will cost taxpayers $30 per rider, and the rest of the money he just wasted.



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Feb 12 , 2013