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Our Goal: Standing Up for Taxpayers

By Frank Parlato

What you have seen in this issue may seem unusually harsh to some.

The fact is someone, somewhere in America has to make a stand for the taxpayer.

The forgotten taxpayer.

We are harsh with those who forget where government money comes from.

The fool forgets that anything government does costs money and every penny government spends comes from the labor of someone, usually at the cost of the deprivation of some of their liberty or time, the simple time of their lives. Or something they have to do without.

To take by force and to spend wastefully in the name of government is not good governance. It is fascism.

You can see the welfare check that you got without working. You can see the pretty faces of happy people getting their taxpayer handouts to create art, plant flowers, or attend a beer or blues festival or an outdoor concert.

What you cannot see, and never will see, is the people at their jobs working to pay for it. What you cannot see is the jobs that were not created because taxes are too high (for they are too high: In this nation people pay more for taxes than they do for food, clothing and shelter combined. Imagine what your life would be like if that was reversed, as it should be.) And the employer who might have hired you, did not because he did not earn enough profit to expand his business. His taxes were too high.

You can not even see all the taxes, all the hidden taxes that raise the price of everything. You only know that prices are too high and every year it is getting harder to make ends meet.

Why do you think the Senecas expanded so fast and built so quickly and hired so many while we Americans go out of business? They are tax free!

They don’t have to pay for any art they don’t want to pay for.

Or beer festivals.

And perhaps they laugh at our weakness. We deserve to be laughed at. A city so weak, with so many assets. Tourism and hydro-power and nothing to show. Always clamoring for more government.

And a nation so weak, with so many assets, that we need to borrow money from slave states overseas where the governments are ruthless with their people – a future we may also share with them if we do not rise and work hard and reduce the role of government.

We have a government – and it is shocking – that cannot support itself, but has to borrow from foreigners in order to give billions out in entitlements and waste. Both corporate and personal welfare.

And one thing more: the government cannot do efficiently. It must tax and then spend and in the doing of both, a vast amount of money is lost in the middle. You don’t see it, but you hear of it sometimes. Why do you think a toilet seat costs $200 at the Pentagon? Or that to get a welfare recipient $15,000, it costs taxpayers $70,000?

What you will see are are people moving out of the city, and businesses moving out of the country to nations where there are no welfare benefits, where people have to work to eat, and who get the job you might have had, but did not, because the American company moved overseas and pays a lower tax on their foreign corporation.

Like a Cadillac made in China.

But hell we won’t need a Cadillac; we’re too busy clamoring for benefits to go out and work and earn one. And too poor to afford one. We can barely afford the gas that goes to the profit of the greedy oil-rich nations who take our money, then use it to lend it back to us to fund our government.

This is not the America I once knew.

So our language is harsh. We are going to stand up for the taxpayer. He or she needs protection. And so does our nation from this horrible idea, this bankrupting idea, that there is no connection between the taxed and the people who get tax money.

That government somehow absolves all from the responsibility that God has given us – that you may reap only what you sow.
The government will take care of us? No you must do for yourself.

In man’s greatest hour of need, he stands alone. There will be no one to buy him flowers or paint a pretty picture of him until after he is gone.



Niagara Falls Reporter - Publisher Frank Parlato Jr. www.niagarafallsreporter.com

Feb 12 , 2013