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Giant ‘Prosthesis’ Brandished in Film Shoot

Some pretty wild ‘art’ can be found sometimes inside the NACC.

The NACC, led by Kathie Kudela, pulled out all the stops in an attempt to influence the City Council's vote. Lewiston resident Kudela even contacted Lloyd Kaufman of Troma International to write a few words of support for her $30,000 request.

Films produced by Troma International are mostly direct-to-video or DVD releases with a few box office bombs that have had limited theatrical release thrown in to give the poverty-row producers some sort of legitimacy.

About as far away from the Hollywood mainstream as can be imagined, most of Troma’s back catalogue of films is available for free viewing on Youtube.

Troma movies are to real movies what a fistfight at a Cudaback Avenue bar is to the Heavyweight Championship of the World. In fact, the $30,000 Kudela was asking for would be enough to finance three average Troma releases, according to Daily Variety.

Troma filmed their low budget comedy “Return to Nuke ’Em High” at the NACC this past summer. And with all of this talk of art and NACC and such, it’s a good time for us to share this little story with you.

Two guys, city residents, told us that they were quite surprised one day last year to see Troma filming on Niagara Street. It seems when these two gentlemen rounded a corner near the shoot, they spotted a gaggle of nude young women walking down the street carrying a large artificial penis over their heads – a massive dildo if you will – as the cameras whirred. The shoot went off okay, we assume, but the image of the naked ladies hoisting the large male member was forever lovingly etched on the brains of our two male acquaintances. We haven’t seen the finished cut of Nuke 'Em High and we aren’t sure if this curiously tasteless, but somewhat amusing, scene made it into the finished product.

Excuse us for laughing, but as Mrs. Kudela rose to the podium and stood erect in front of the city council, wearing her somber arts council face, and boasted about the Troma Company, we had to stifle a laugh as we pictured those nubile young women working with that gigantic penis for the camera.

We don’t know much about art, but we know what we like.



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Feb 12 , 2013