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Fruscione Draws Big Names, Everyday Folks at Fundraiser

Councilman Sam Fruscione wrapped up his re-election fundraising efforts for the 2013 primary election with a successful “Picnic in the Park” held last Thursday (Aug. 14) at the Oasis shelter in Hyde Park.

More than 200 Fruscione supporters were on hand for the soda, beer, hotdogs, sausages and hamburgers that were enjoyed to the live music of the band known as This Vehicle. The picnic was sponsored by respected former County Legislator Arthur Curcione along with his son, Artie.

Artie also served as the event coordinator and master of ceremonies.

The attendees included City Controller Maria Brown, Public Works Director Dave Kinney, Public Works Deputy Chief John Caso, Public Works secretary Clara Hughes, Corporation Counsel Craig Johnson, trades chief Bob Spacone, Becky Brooks of the Duke Center, and Clara Dunn from the city’s economic development department who was joined by her husband Willie. Taking time out of their busy schedules to stop by were State Sen. George Maziarz and Roger Trevino of NFR. The city’s Amalgamated Steelworkers Union was represented by President Jim Anthony and unit Chairman Rick Buckman. County Legislators Owen Steed and Dennis Virtuoso were on hand as were three-term council member Bob Anderson, former council member Babe Rotella and Glenn Choolokian, council chairman.

And literally hundreds more came from all walks of life.

But they were, for the most part, the common people of Niagara Falls.

And it is that where Fruscione's appeal is seen for he considers himself a common man, a working man, a man of the people he is elected to serve.

Rick Buckman was the winner of the 50/50 split and he graciously turned his winnings over to Sam Fruscione’s re-election effort with a resultant appreciative round of applause from the audience.

Fruscione, who is seeking a third term on the council, has a broad appeal to a diverse voting base of Niagara Falls including the old, young, all races, blue-collar and white-collar, and all walks of life.

That may be because he is accessible to everyone.

Fruscione is proof that successful politics is about grassroots effort; it is returning phone calls and listening to residents and working for the good of the city.

Councilman Fruscione has served eight years in the council with four of those years as chairman. He has distinguished himself as: a leading supporter of public safety; a proponent of tourism and business development; and, a tireless taxpayer watchdog. Last year he led the way for the council majority as it denied Mayor Dyster’s plans to impose an 8.3 percent property tax increase. He cut Dyster's tax increase to zero.

“I’ve been fortunate to be able to serve the residents of our city these past eight years,” said Fruscione. “With their continued support I pledge to continue to do my very best to represent their interests, the interests of the city taxpayer.”

With the big money, caviar eating Buffalo forces arrayed against Fruscione and with a lot of money to spend to try to defeat him, so they can get contracts and consulting agreements and subsidized hotels that the very people at his picnic will have to pay for, Fruscione did what he does best - a simple fund raiser - comprised of Niagara Falls residents eating hot dogs, hamburgers and sausage and maybe a pint of beer.

And there was Fruscione right in the middle, eating and laughing and joking with the people.

His people.



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AUG 20, 2013