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Sanborn Resident Says Glynn's Trucks Getting Free Pass From Lewiston Police

By Ronald Catchpole

I am a retired electrician from GM and a former truck driver and tractor trailer driving instructor.

I live in a nice home on Town line Road in Sanborn and moved here only after observing the area and the road itself which has always been posted at 40 MPH.

Being retired since 2006, I have noticed the ever growing commercial truck traffic speeding past my home.

This rural area has Tim Horton's, Dunkin Donuts, CVS, Rite Aid, Dollar General, etc. and all the stores need to be supplied.

On top of these, are the Modern Disposal garbage trucks, and the surrounding town and village garbage trucks, heading to Modern's landfill.

Modern's fleet divides their routes to Town Line Road and Creek Road in Lewiston. Those living on Creek Road have long complained of these large, noisy trucks speeding down their road.

Everyday around 1 p.m., Monday through Friday, there are four North Tonawanda trucks, who also disregard the 40 MPH limit.

I have filmed many videos showing commercial vehicles speeding. I use a "Pocket Radar" that reads both directions.

On top of this are the trucks that are hauling clay for the Maid of the Mist and possibly for Modern.

On Ridge Road Rte 104, Mawhiney Trucking is digging another so-called "recreational" pond. Funny there are already four other huge ponds dug back to back, owned by Michael Bergey, that have not been used since they were dug. So how many ponds on one site are needed for recreational purposes? I can't see anyone needing three ponds when the land isn't being farmed.

The DEC Region 9 informed me that those ponds were given a five year date to complete in 2004 then the land must be reclaimed or put to the use it was dug for.

They were to be completed in 2009. Now its 2013 and the DEC wrote me saying the pond could be granted extra time or permission to go deeper.

Five years of dirty, heavy, loud trucks and then when we think it's over the DEC allows them to continue for another five years and longer!

This is a Google earth screen shot of the clay ponds being dug at Town Line Road and Ridge Road.

Down the road Cloy n Son slaughterhouse did the same thing. Only they ended up selling their slaughterhouse but kept the clay mine?

So again where does recreational come into play?

Are these ponds for recreational or financial reasons?

Modern's landfill and the hazardous landfill both need clay to cap every layer of the ever growing mountain that can be seen where we once saw Lake Ontario in the distance.

And on top of all the other trucks, these large four axle dump trucks speed up and down Rte 429 with apparently no worries of police!

They haul clay to the old Cecoes in Niagara Falls and to Modern's landfill in Lewiston.

Now, on top of all this, the Maid of the Mist site at the bottom of the gorge is being rushed to develop and is in need of this clay.

(Lewiston businessman James Glynn owns the Maid of the Mist).

These large four axle trucks headed for the Maid site are speeding through the Village of Lewiston down Creek Road ext to Rte 104 back to the site on 2700 section of Ridge Road right before Town line Road.

Using a pocket radar and go pro camcorder, I have videoed these trucks speeding on Rte 429 and Rte 104!

Funny, in the Village the Lewiston, police generally give no breaks to any passenger vehicle doing over the 40 MPH speed limit.

But daily these large dump trucks not only speed but will pass any car doing the speed limit even when there is a solid yellow line or a double solid line!

And, oddly, since these trucks have been hauling this clay to the Maid's site, there has been no Lewiston police presence on this stretch of village road until 5:01 p.m. when the trucks are done for the day and people are driving home from work, an easy prey for the officers of the Lewiston police department who are too afraid (or bought off) to give a ticket to one of these large trucks or their drivers.

Lastly has anyone verified that these drivers are qualified to drive one of these trucks?

I have videos and pictures documenting all this.

If these commercial trucks, mostly the garbage trucks and large dump trucks would just slow down there would be no problems.

And the police should enforce the law equally with all vehicles.

If they don't know how, then call in the NY State Troopers' Commercial Traffic Division where they can weigh the trucks, check for safety equipment violations, and enforce the speed limit.

Lower Mountain Road & Townline road have had some very bad accidents from blind spots.

I really hope your paper can uncover the bigger picture as someone is getting bought off!




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AUG 13, 2013