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Restaurants Close, Can't Compete With Tax-Free Nation

Three new restaurants have closed.

No one will be able to compete with the Senecas. In a few short years, they will own the town. They pay no taxes, no property, sales or state income tax. When they build or do business they have no regulations.

How can you compete with a place that pays no taxes next door to you when you operate in the highest-taxed state of the 50, and the highest-taxed county of 3,440 in the nation with populations over 60,000?

The super-unlevel playing field gets more unlevel every day.

Last week they auctioned off the equipment for Yvonne's Bakery on Third Street.

It closed, as we reported recently, after getting a $20,000 grant from the city.

Even after the gift of money, it couldn’t make it.

We also learned of the demise of two more eateries this week: Venus, a Greek restaurant on Pine Ave., and The Over Dose Cafe on Main Street.

Many businesses have died since the Senecas came to town.

Where was that spinoff anyway?

A “Sovereign Nation” makes billions from gambling and tax-free businesses while Niagara Falls businesses struggle to keep their doors open.

It is a most unlevel playing field.

Today, the Senecas prosper as dozens of American businesses struggle and ultimately collapse.

Hotels close. The ice skating rink closed. The Convention Center lost. Restaurants and taverns are closing.

The area adjacent to the Senecas has plunged into desolation.

The Press Box, the Arterial, Lou's Pete's Market House, Mujunz, John's Flaming Hearth, Dante's, the Keg House, Shorty's, Mary's Soul Food, Edy J's, Pizza Time, Doug's Famous, Just Pizza, Bombay Cuisine, La Bruschetta, Punjabi on Pine, El Casino.

All closed.

There are fewer restaurants now than before the casino.

Backbreaking taxes, a smoking ban, and restaurants in the tax-exempt Seneca Niagara Casino contribute to city-wide failure.

And whenever something new is proposed it is always said that it cannot be done without government subsidies.

Who can compete with a tax-free restaurant in the highest taxed place outside of hell?

With a tax-free nation in the middle of town, we, the people of the highest-taxed and most unlevel playing field in the nation, can do nothing but self destruct.



Niagara Falls Reporter - Publisher Frank Parlato Jr. www.niagarafallsreporter.com

AUG 13, 2013