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Letters to the Editor

Run Hamister Out of Town

The more I read about this hotel deal, the more it stinks. The council should pull the plug and run Hamister out of town on a rail.

Mark Breznay


Why Are We Still Paying for ‘Free’ Concerts

I read the article entitled" Concert promoter objects to Free Concerts" in the Niagara Falls Reporter. I agree with John Hutchins 100%.

The City of Niagara Falls gave the Hard Rock Cafe money to compete against John Hutchins. Now the City is paying Global Spectrum to do the same thing.

I attended the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra show on Saturday July20th and the crowd was no larger than the crowds Smokin' Joe's had when we ran the pedestrian Walkway 10 years ago.

When Smokin' Joe ran the walkway he paid the City and there were over twenty Friday and Saturday night concerts per year with not one dollar from the City of Niagara Falls. The Council majority cut the $3 million annual funding for the do-nothing USA Niagara and the funding for the Hard Rock Concert series, so why are the taxpayers like me and John Hutchins still paying for these "FREE" concerts?

The taxpayers of Niagara Falls must continue to tell Mayor Dyster, Kristen Grandinetti and Charles Walker that we do not want them wasting our tax dollars on free concerts, winter wonderlands, free health insurance and other giveaways. I am in favor of concerts and other events but let professional promoters like John Hutchins run them and pay for them with ticket sales or with the sales of food and beer. If a band can draw 1,000 people and you sell 2,000 beers at $4 and 500 hamburgers at $4 that's $10,000; more than the band should get paid.

The Rapids Theater is the only legitimate concert promoter in Niagara Falls. The Evening Star, The ECHO, Foley's and other venues offer live music that cost the taxpayers nothing. The free concerts would be offered to these taxpayers depending on the size of the venue. Why on earth would the City of Niagara Falls not talk to the Rapids about doing free concerts either on Main Street or Old Falls Street? I would bet that John Hutchins would do this for free if the City provided the stage and gave him the beer and food revenue.

Finally, during the summer there is a concert somewhere every night, why not do Saturday afternoon concerts in September or October when it is still nice out and people are looking for something to do.

Michael S. Gawel,CPA


Why is Cuomo Perplexed; State Ripping Us Off

I just read the Niagara Falls Reporter. I find very disturbing that our Gov. Cuomo would be perplexed as to why Niagara Falls is in such distress. Albany and downstate N.Y. have been ripping us off of our State park, our hydroelectricity, and the Maid of the Mist for decades. If we were able to control these entities on our own we wouldn't need Albany or New York City for anything. Furthermore if Niagara Falls got 75% of the casino contract instead of 25% we wouldn’t need their help either. On another subject, Our great Mayor just touted an eco friendly company at 20 Iroquois St. known as JBI Inc. or Plastic2Oil. He stated they are expanding. Well Mayor they just laid off close to 20 employees. Here’s the sad part Mayor they are all Americans, no Canadians. And the Mayor is correct they have produced thousands of gallons of fuel, but not one drop in over two months. How is that help for our local work force. I suggest the next time Mr. Mayor do your own home work before you throw your opinion into a matter you know nothing about.

Mark Joy


Hotel Plan Looks Too Good to be True

These comments are in support and with an "ATTA BOY" to the Niagara Falls Council Majority's courage in tabling the decision on the proposal to build a hotel at 310 Rainbow Blvd.

My father always told me, "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is".

Niagara Falls Shouldn’t Settle for Short Money.

As I understand it, this project was supported by the whole city council but, because it involved state money, Niagara USA was the "lead negotiating" entity. Because of that the council was not privy to the "vetting" of the other offers tendered through the RFP process.

Before USA Niagara and Mayor Paul Dyster made this "deal” was the time that the Council should have been brought in to determine if it was in the best offer and in the best interest of the taxpayers.

Instead, the council was presented with the "general idea" of this "blockbuster deal" in July to be voted on within a couple short weeks.

Now we know that this deal has certain things based on the "if come" (reverter clause etc) and quite a few "maybes.

It also gave the mayor and corporation counsel power to "amend" any details of the deal.

Niagara Falls, in my opinion, shouldn't settle for the short money and should negotiate with Mr. Hamister, despite Councilmember Kristen Grandinetti's grandstanding tirade at the last council meeting.

It was an insult to us, the "common man or woman," for Ms. Grandinetti to chastise and demean the council majority for their concern for the taxpayers.

Maybe, just maybe, there was a better proposal, say one to build a 20-story hotel? Or an attraction there which is needed more than a another hotel.

For my part, I'm sick of Niagara Falls getting the short end of the stick because of lack of due diligence by those entrusted to do so.

Mr. Hamister, it is not fair and not in the best interest of our city to give you this prime real estate for "pennies on the dollar".

If your intention really is to build a $25 million dollar hotel, put it in the final terms with no strings attached.

Randy Ubriacco



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AUG 13, 2013