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Letters to the Editor

In reading last week’s Reporter regarding police blotter? Who cares about the police blotter? I would rather see letters to the editor in that space. We never see them, only online. We want to know what the people think.



Don’t Blame Yvonne for Trying

I read an article today about Yvonne’s Bakery. I was offended how the owner was portrayed as some woman who took grant money from the city and squandered it. Recently I took a business class that said more than 50 percent of small businesses don't make it past the first year.

You can't blame Mrs. Strong for trying or for the fact that money was given to her without educating her properly on what it takes to run a small business. Much of what was said was true, but don't make her to look like some type of criminal. She tried, it failed. and I pray that she learned something from it. Hopefully she will regroup and begin again. This city is already seen by it’s citizens as a negative place to be. Let’s stop crucifying people and deal with some real issues without degrading our neighbors.

Ecia Parmer


I Enjoyed Reading Dog Days of Summer Memories

Mr. Editor, I enjoyed reading Mr. Farina’s page on “Dog Days.” I fully agree with his view of summertime memories. That's the time to not only remember but to make new ones for the future. I remember years ago ( many) when I was coaching a baseball team for the North Tonawanda National Little League. As the days went by, I had noticed a gentlemen always standing by himself along the third base spectator area. Seemed odd. He showed up sometimes at practices, but mostly at games... wearing a white shirt, tie and jacket, even in the hot days of June.

Sometimes no jacket and the tie at half-mast. Being curious, one day I asked him who he was. He was none other than Tony Farina. His son, Matt was on my team.

He came to watch his son play as often as he could. He stayed by himself because people might recognize him, and it would take away from the enjoyment of watching Matt play. My team wasn't all that good, but they never quit on the game or themselves, especially his son. He taught Matt to be fair, play hard, and to be kind to others and to hold his head up, win or lose. He taught me something much more important that I still stick to. He taught me that it's the little things in life that can be the most important

and after all, aren't our children part of the little things in our lives.

To you Mr. Farina, A very Happy Birthday and many more for your memories and for those you give others.


Dennis J. Barberio

Certified N.Y.S. baseball Umpire


Governor Should Not Use Casino for Press Conference

I think it is extremely insensitive of the Chamber and the Governor to hold his press conference at the casino. Everyone in the business community knows that local businesses are struggling because of the casino having unfair competitive advantages. While the property owners in the city of Niagara Falls pay the highest property taxes in the nation, they pay no tax, they allow smoking, they give free drinks away, they don't pay for city services, they were given the best location in the city for $1 and most of all they don't have to comply with the sea of red tape that envelops all other businesses in the State of NY.

Furthermore, their goal is to keep as much of the business inside the casino as possible without sharing or working cooperatively with the rest of the business community. Wouldn't City Hall, the Conference Center, the Sheraton or the Rapids Theatre have been much better choices? In fact although it will sound trite and self-serving, I believe it would have been very enlightening for the event to have been held at the Rapids Theatre so the City of Niagara Falls can showcase where the economic development dollars really need to be spent!

I must respectfully decline your invitation and tell you how disappointed I am at your decision regarding the venue for this highly publicized event in which you and the Governor are supposed to be showing your support for local business.

John Hutchins



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AUG 06, 2013