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State Parks Raping Three Sisters?

By Frank Parlato

It is a little shocking to see what they've done. They've taken down the trees at Three Sisters Island. Above is how it looks now. Below is how it looked when they started. But trees got in the way.

Are they ruining or 'improving' Three Sisters Islands?

On the Facebook page of the Niagara Falls State Park USA, the good people in charge have offered the public what they call a "Sneak preview of restoration at Three Sisters Islands!!!", adding that their restoration will be such that "You won't believe it when you see it!!!"

Three Sisters Islands, which lie off the west shoreline of Goat Island in the Niagara Falls State Park, are closed at the moment.

The "restoration" will be completed and the small islands, named after Celinda, Angelina, and Asenath Whitney, daughters of General Parkhurst Whitney, one of the early settlers of Niagara Falls, will be reopened in mid-to-late May.

Bridges connect the Three Sisters Islands, allowing pedestrians to walk what was, until the restoration began, a pristine setting. Formerly each island supported a variety of microhabitats and had its own floristic character. The ongoing restoration has destroyed much of the original habitat and many trees.

In this respect, the State Park's use of the word "restoration" is peculiar, for they are not restoring in the sense of its definition of "bringing back into existence or use, or bringing it back to its original condition."

They are developing Three Sisters Islands.

While State Parks may not be restoring Three Sisters Islands, it is true that, as they said, most people will not believe it when they see it, at least judging from the picture of the "restoration" on the parks Facebook page and comments on their "restoration" from the State Parks' Facebook page.

"What have they done. Looks to me like they ripped out the plants & trees and replaced them with stone. ... Niagara Falls NY just hasn't got a clue.”

Grannie Cool

“How do you feel about fooling Mother Nature?”

Rick Steinman

“WHY??? It was fine the way it was.”

Maureen Soutar

“You've destroyed it. Our hearts are heavier than words can express.”

Jim Hufnagel

“Leave Mother Nature alone, please.”

Stanley Nicholson

“First of all, what happened to the trees? This is just too ghastly to even comment on.”

Joan Elizabeth Johnson

“It is distressing to see that the natural beauty of the Three Sister Islands is being destroyed. When I used to walk there with my father, I enjoyed imagining what it was like above the falls hundreds of years ago before the arrival of the Europeans. What are you doing? Stop 'improving' the park. It is losing it’s nature.”

Susan Perrine

“SOMEONE needs to learn to READ ....I mean read F. L. Olmsted's philosophy.”

Kim James Yarwood

“My heart was broken when I saw what they did to one of the most beautiful places on Goat Island! What happened to all the trees ? They took away all the natural and vintage charm of this very special place! What were they thinking? ...Frederick Olmsted is most likely turning over in his grave.”

Beverly Borgatti BarthelĀ 

“The entrance to the islands has been ruined. Once, vintage bridges spanned the water surrounded by beautiful trees. The last time we drove past, the trees were mostly gone and the quaintness of the bridges ruined by modern concrete steps.”

Robert Solis

"Awful... Why don't you add a permanent petting zoo to Goat Island, right before you install the ridiculous zip lines and horseback riding?”

Nick D'Aloise

“Most natural part of the park has been sacrificed for progress.”

Marble Cover

Well that is how it struck others.

What do you think about the restoration of Three Sisters Islands in the Niagara Falls State Park?




Niagara Falls Reporter - Publisher Frank Parlato Jr. www.niagarafallsreporter.com

Apr30, 2013