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Naus to Challenge Nemi in Legislative Race in Lockport/Pendelton District

Dave Naus (l) will challenge Tony Nemi (r)

The president of the electrical workers union is seeking a seat in the Niagara County Legislature. David Naus, a Democrat from Pendleton, is running in the 11th District which includes the Towns of Pendleton and Lockport and a portion of the city of Lockport.

Naus will run against the popular Anthony J. Nemi, a member of the Independence Party, with strong name recognition and a large following in his community.

In a press release, Naus went on the offensive against Nemi, saying, “The people deserve more than favors for big business and the rampant cronyism and partisan games we now have in the legislature”

Naus believes that the Republican supermajority is the reason why Niagara County is falling behind. “This one party rule has been hurting all of us for far too long.”

The candidate wants to reform the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) to assure that projects getting big tax breaks hire local workers. “It makes no sense to give away tax dollars to companies hiring out of state workers to build their facilities,” Naus said.  

Naus is president of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (I.B.E.W.), Local 237, and works for CIR Electrical.  He has been a member of the union for 30 years and an officer for the last 10 years.

The recent Norampac tax incentive deal that the IDA approved, while seeing many out of state workers on the construction site, also resulted in substantial work for Naus' union.

Republicans point out that the IDA benefits got jobs started that would not have been accomplished otherwise in a high tax and spend state, fostered by long time tax and spend Democrats in New York City, Buffalo and Niagara Falls. 

Nemi, although affiliated with the Independence Party, caucuses with the Republicans. He was first elected in 2007 and will be running for his fourth term.

Rated consistently high among his constituents for his willingness to respond to their calls and make himself available during, before and after hours. His record of accomplishments is what he ran on in past elections and he cruised to victory each time, while simultaneously seeking to avoid negative campaigning.

He relieved the City of Lockport of paying taxes to the county on a waterline that runs to North Tonawanda. He called for repeal of the NYS Ag and Markets Fee Hikes. This year, Nemi, who is a retired city of Lockport recreation director, is chairman of the administration committee, which has the final say over most legislation, including all bills that call for money to be spent.




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Apr30, 2013