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Russ 'the Karate Kid' Vesci Vows to 'Chop' Wasteful Spending

Russell Vesci has a direct point to make about taxes: They must be cut. "The days of frivolous spending must come to an end. Now!" Vesci said.

Vesci says he will take the bull by the horns once he becomes a councilmember.

He can take it. Training in the cold is part of the conditioning of a champion karate expert like Vesci.

Niagara Falls council candidate Russ "the Karate Kid" Vesci has recently produced hand cards the tie his long years of training and successful emergence as a karate expert-- he had an undefeated  57-0 record in full contact karate bouts -- to his goal of serving the city.

In his card he writes, "I will be a leader who will fight to improve the quality of life for ALL the people of Niagara Falls.

"I will fight to increase public safety."

I will work hard to eliminate blight in our community.

I say “No!” to tax increases.

I will insist on transparency in City Government."

And he concludes with "I will 'chop' wasteful spending."

Vesci is running as a Republican and may break a few wasteful molds and wooden headed projects if he is elected.




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Apr30, 2013