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Fruscione Event Draws Top Crowd

Council Member Sam Fruscione.

Council Member Robert Anderson and County Legislature candidate Chris Ferrante attended Sam Fruscione's fund raiser.

Former County Legislator Art Curcione and Current County Legislator Dennis Virtuoso were both at Sam Fruscione's event at the Quality Inn

The Niagara Falls Reporter visited two political fund-raisers for two Niagara Falls council candidates this past week, one for incumbent Sam Fruscione and the other for newcomer Joseph Swartz.

Three council seats will be on the ballot this year.

A large field of candidates has already announced. These include Fruscione, Swartz, incumbent Kristen Grandinetti, Russ Vesci, Andy Touma and Robert Elder.

Incumbent Charles Walker is said to be announcing soon and may do so by press time. Renae Kimble, Vince Anello and others have expressed interest in running.

Among the candidates for council who run this year, the three who receive the most votes will be elected.

In both 2005 and 2009, Fruscione was the highest vote getter among all candidates to run.

At the Fruscione event, held at a banquet room at the Quality Inn on Rainbow Blvd, the attendees included a number of distinguished and well-dressed guests. Particularly impressive was Corporation Counsel Craig Johnson, who was wearing a crimson  bow tie, and Robert Anderson, who was wearing a baseball cap with the words Air Force, a grey and white sweatshirt and grey sweatpants.

Others in attendance with varying degrees of sartorial splendor were State Sen. George Maziarz; Roger Trevino, executive of Niagara Falls Redevelopment; Lou Antonacci of the Como Restaurant, and downtown tourism entrepreneur Marty Oliveri.

From City Hall were DPW director Dave Kinney, Code Enforcement Director and County Legislator Dennis Virtuoso, City Controller Maria Brown, who was dressed in a visually stunning and elegant gown, Council Chairman Glenn Choolokian, City Council Chief of Staff Kevin Ormsby, union leader Rick Buckman, and Bob Spacone of the DPW.

Also, former city lawmaker Lewis "Babe" Rotella; businessman Randy Ubriaco;  council candidate Russell "The Karate Kid" Vesci; businessman Lenny Bevilacqua and his brother Gary, a state gaming inspector; county legislative candidate Chris Ferrante, attorney Mort Abromowicz, and many others.

Also there in good humor and graciously welcoming all were the hosts of the party, former county legislator Art Curcione Sr. and Art Curcione Jr., a DPW employee.

"The same Sam Fruscione that took office in 2006 is going to take office again in 2014," Fruscione told the Reporter at the event," which will be a guy that doesn't like to spend [taxpayer's] money and holds everybody accountable.

"People are starting to catch on to (Mayor Paul) Dyster. The biggest complaint we get from the public is, 'What is Dyster doing with our money?' and the thing most requested is 'Would you please hold him in line? Make sure this guy doesn't waste our money.'

"We are going to continue to hold the line on taxes and provide the best services we possibly can."

Art Curcione, Jr., added, "Everybody I talk to is saying  the council majority is doing what they have to do. But for the council, there would be an 8.3 percent tax raise."




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Apr30, 2013