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Pothole of the Year Candidates

By Moose, Jr

Jack Cataract

Sink Hole Jr.

La Petite Canyonne

Rim Wrecker

Spring is here: the birds are chirping, the golf courses are opening and baseball season has begun. Winter is over (is it?), the sun is shining (somewhere...) and the roads are checkered with potholes in Niagara Falls.

Below are pictures of the four finalists for Spring Pothole of the Year:

1)  J ack Cataract

2)   Sink Hole Jr.

3)   Rim Wrecker

4)   La Petite Canyonne

Perhaps Mayor Dyster can hire one of his “friendly” consultants for a five figure payday from the taxpayers for a 100-page report on how to fix potholes.




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Apr23, 2013