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Forster, Zona Have Their Own Take

Nick Forster won't kick a man when he's down, but is glad to kick him down in the first place. "It comes with the territory," Forster says.

County Legislator Jason Zona

Democratic Party Chairman Nick Forster said of Mike Carney, who he described as a deeply entrenched Republican insider: "I don't mind knocking a guy down, but I hate to put scuff marks on his head with my boots once he's knocked out. I'm sorry he has an alcohol problem but it doesn't change the fact that he was part of the group that went after Nancy Smith. He knocked himself out with his own gloves this time."


County Legislator Jason Zona

Legislator Jason Zona was the subject of multiple robocalls, the content of which was provably inaccurate and misleading.

Zona said he does not oppose the use of robocalls made against him, although he said he thinks it is a little less cowardly to inform people being called who is sponsoring and endorsing the information contained in the call than doing them anonymously.

"I accept the fact that robocalls are and will be made against me," said Zona. "I can argue the merits or demerits of it. But, if someone is doing it anonymously, one can record whatever they like and the press or the voters can't hold them accountable. For instance, if the anonymous robocalls made against me were in fact authored by the Niagara County Republican Party, and they had announced it on the robocalls, then, when the statements were challenged, and when it appeared in the press, they would have the opportunity to prove their allegations.  The voter could judge whether or not the authors of the robocalls are liars and judge their motivation for making the calls. Because it is anonymous, it appears to be, if not the act of desperate people, certainly an act of cowardice.

"For my part, I never have employed robocalls. I make it a perfectly public stance: I will not use robocalls in my district for the reason that they annoy people. If I did, I would use my name and be proud to use it."




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Apr23, 2013