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School Elections Important Here

By Don King

Don King Member Niagara Falls School Board

During the next seven weeks major education challenges / opportunities will come your way. You will have an opportunity to receive, examine and digest your school district’s proposed and recommended 2013-14 budget. In May you can support or reject the budget. Please use these weeks to do your due diligence and attend budget forums so that you will be an informed voter when you exercise your vote.

Also, at the same time, you can demonstrate to all of the education family, students, staff and administration, that you care about public education. You personally will decide who you want to be your voices on the Niagara Falls Board of Education. You will decide who best meets your personal choices for the two available board members who will sit on the Niagara Falls School Board for the next five years.

By participating in this electoral process you can have your say in public education. Hopefully in these upcoming weeks you will get to know the candidates. Listen to their views on educational issues. See how the views and opinions agree with the priorities that you think will be best for your children. This information should bring you some comfort and confidence in your Board of Education.

Public education is being challenged at all levels. Our federal government and our state officials each face monumental decisions trying to provide adequate funding and addressing difficult policy decisions that will impact your children's educational experiences during their time in our schools. Realizing that in governmental elections, voters are often persuaded by traditional participating party agendas (i.e., Democratic, Republican and Independent affiliations), I would like to submit to you that everyone, each of us voting this year, become a member of a new party - the “EDUCATION PARTY.”

The mission of this new EDUCATION PARTY would be to insure that every student in our schools encounter a successful Education Journey, whether it be in our schools, at their homes and in our community.

Please support all kids. Please support your Schools, the Staff and the Board by becoming a knowledgeable and concerned "EDUCATION PARTY" voter.

Your vote counts.

Thank you for caring and your continued interest in the future of Public Education and especially caring about all our Kids.




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Apr03, 2013