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Penguin Photo Contest Winners Displayed


First prize went to Bill Dorsey of Cheektowaga for his photo entitled "Fish Lover."

The Aquarium of Niagara, announced three winners of their fifth Annual Penguin Days Amateur Photo Contest.

The contest attracted more than 80 photos from Western New York.

Pictures included penguins from South Africa, Antarctica, and Aquarium and Zoological Institutions throughout North America.

First place went to Bill Dorsey of Cheektowaga, with his “Fish Lover”, a shot of a Humboldt penguin named Araya having dinner at the Aquarium of Niagara.

Dorsey's prize will be to enter the penguin exhibit and meet Araya and the penguins in person.

Second place went to Allan Gellin from Williamsville with his "Feeding Time” a photo of a Chinstrap penguin feeding her chick in Antarctica.

Gellin's prize will be an 8-by-10-inch, unframed penguin art piece by one of the aquarium artists.

Melissa Ciurzynski from Western New York got Honorable Mention with "Love Birds" a photograph of African penguins taken on a visit she made to Cape Town, South Africa.

Melissa will receives a 4-by-6 inch penguin art piece.

The winning photos will be on display at the aquarium through the summer.




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Apr03, 2013